Kiril – Black Noise EP (The Dreamers Recordings)

Posted by Adam on 19th September 2016

Italian label The Dreamers Recordings are onto their fifth release now and, since launching with Was A Be’s Ten Years EP at the start of the year, they have released a steady stream of absolutely wicked Drum & Bass from the best up and coming talent around…so does release number 5, from fellow Italian producer Kiril, carry on that high standard?

Well Kiril doesn’t so much maintain the high standard as much as does raise the bar even higher than it already was. His Black Noise EP is the absolute epitome of what is exciting in Drum & Bass right now and small labels, like The Dreamers Recordings, are in the perfect position to be pushing music like this because the big labels, in most cases, can’t.

Each track is unique, exciting, well put together and overall just an absolute riot to listen to. This is an artist, and label, that you should all be following.


KirilThe Dreamers Recordings

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