INTERVIEW: We Talk To Mob Tactics About Their New EP And Life After Signing To Viper

Posted by Adam on 8th September 2016

Hello chaps, how are you both?
Hello! We’re not too shabby thanks, mate

What have you been up to since we last spoke? Any big moments in 2016 so far?
Things went kind crazy when we signed with Viper and we’ve pretty much been in full writing mode since. We’ve also been doing lots of shows which has been awesome. Let It Roll & our Australia/New Zealand tour were both pretty big standouts for us this year. Was rather epic to say the least…

You signed with Viper last year; how’s that been working out for you guys? Has it opened up more opportunities for you?
Signing with Viper was THE best thing we’ve ever done. Period. Such an awesome crew of people to work with, so happy right now. And yeah, the opportunities have been incredible!

We’re here, of course, to talk about your new EP ‘Body Check’ and I want to start off with the EPIC title track. Did you know that you’d created a monster even when writing it because it is out of this world.
Thank you! We can usually tell in the studio when we’re on to a winner and we did have a good feeling about this one when we were writing it, but you can never really tell. The amount of times we’ve genuinely believed we’ve written the next Alien Girl only to play it back the next day and be greeted with utter horse shit are too many to count. Have to take the rough with the smooth as they say!

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Have you been surprised by the reaction of the track, or in fact the EP as a whole?
The reaction has been incredible. Had support from so many people. We’re constantly humbled to have anyone play our music so we’re always feeling blessed.

In stark contrast to Body Check another track that I really enjoyed was Dot Matrix, a total side-step to the rest of the EP, how did this one come about? Are Viper open to keeping variation in tine selection?
From day dot, Brendan (Futurebound) has given us free reign to write whatever we like which is so liberating. He’s of the mindset that good music is good music – regardless of sub-genre/style. We write all sorts of stuff and this one came together last Spring after a seeeeriously long night in the studio. About 6am is when we started to get somewhere with it. I think the delirium just took over after that and we just went with the vibe! Well happy with how it turned out though.

Have you each got your own personal favourite from the EP?
Luke: Body Check
Mark: Now Is The Time

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Is there a Mob Tactics album in the pipeline…?
You’ll have to ask Futurebound, haha!

Thanks for your time lads, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Our pleasure. Yes, look out for a string of new remixes from us for the likes of Mampi Swift & DJ Fresh, President T & JME and Dodge & Fuski.

Lastly, female kangaroos have three vaginas. You’re welcome.

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