Ed:It – South City EP (Shogun Audio)

Posted by Dan on 15th September 2016

Ed:It is an artist I have been very interested in recently, since thoroughly enjoying his debut release on Shogun Audio, the “Pathways EP”. Now he has come out and produced yet another magnificent record, the South City EP, referring to the famous city of London, to which he has recently moved. As with his previous work, Ed:It retains that soulful yet rough edge to his sound, but takes it a step further, with some even heavier tracks to sink our teeth into!

The EP blasts off with Babylon Step, and this one is phenomenal! Like an unstoppable boulder, it hurtles forth at full speed with a pounding beat, while a furious bass that could shake the ground roars beneath it. Heaven Sent You, meanwhile, with all its deep growls, echoes and pitched down vocals, is a dark yet graceful track; it feels to me like the soundtrack for a slow and contemplative walk at 3 in the morning, through empty, dimly lit streets.

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Next, the title track South City is a truly enticing piece of music, which begins by luring you in with haunting voices, only for a chaotic outburst of powerful clashing drums and a harsh sub layer to follow. Finally, the thudding, almost mechanical sounds of Isolution reflect an industrial city environment, and bring the EP to a fine close.

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This is another expertly produced offering from Ed:It, and for me it well encapsulates the darker side of London city, its jagged edge. I will continue to keep a close eye out for this talented artist, and I have no doubt he will deliver more top quality tunes in the near future!

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