Dossa & Locuzzed Continue To Put The Funk Back In DnB

Posted by Ben on 22nd September 2016

If there’s one duo out there right now who have captured both my heart and eardrums, it’s Austrian firecrackers Dossa & Locuzzed. They were one of our artists to watch for 2016 and it’s all down to their unique, incredibly infectious style of Drum & Bass they’ve been unleashing onto the world for over a year now. After previously releasing on Mainframe Recordings they signed to Viper earlier this year and gave us Only Way / Electric Boogie, a single that we absolutely loved over here at Ninja Ninja. Now they’re offering up Dance / Shag, the next instalment in the Dossa & Locuzzed quest of bringing the funk back to Drum & Bass.

Shag is the real stomper of this single, and I can definitely see it getting a lot of rewinds in the future. The introduction alone is enough to put any listener on the express freeway to the dancefloor, Dossa & Locuzzed’s trademark 80s throwback synths are as contagiously funky as they are perfectly suited to the drums beneath them. But unlike most freeways this one is heading for a cliff face, at the bottom of which is a crowd pleasing rush of jump up influenced synth sounds that smack of Electric Boogie whilst putting a huge fucking smile on your face. Definitely one to remember.

Dossa & Locuzzed have stepped to the left with the flip side, and the result is a mash of sounds and feel good energy that rather weirdly reminds me of Up2U by Insideinfo, despite the two tunes being different in tone and demeanour. The eclectic manner in which the pair have constructed Dance is what gives it so much character, and what’s equally impressive is how interesting and quirky it is to listen to. It’s almost as if the pair just chucked a bunch of synths and basslines into a washing machine, set it to a power wash and hoped for the best. It really is a wicked listen, and you can pick it up when on the 30th of September.

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