C.I.A ‘s Deepkut Returns With Kuts Deep Vol 3

Posted by Snapclicker on 11th September 2016

Computer Integrated Audio’s sub, sister, brother, other label Deepkut is back with a showcase ‘Kuts Deep Volume 3’. Now despite my pet hate for thingz bein shpelt lyk dis (Cut is spelt with a C guys….!), this is one of my favourite labels of all time, having put out some fantastic 12″s in the past. Yeah, quite the statement. But anyone who released a Mutt record as good as ‘Conversations’ clearly knows what’s what.

As soon as I clock a C.I.A or Deepkut related release it’s always an instant listen. I used to order them in to the record shop I worked at without a glance as i knew people would buy them. As a label, they have the fantastic approach of blending well known artists with young producers coming through the ranks. Now that things have gone digital based, from a label point of view, the risk of fronting a load of cash on pressing vinyl isn’t as much of an issue but i will preach til the cows come home. They put their hard work and money where their mouths were for years, paying to put out records by lesser known names and my respect for that is huge.

But anyway, Captain Von Vinyl can go back in his box for now and we can talk about the music.

Random Movement has been a prolific artist for years, has an awesome radio show called Bassdrive and is one of the friendliest faces in drum and bass. There’s absolutely nothing friendly about Climbing Out though. It’s a completely bizarre mix of lovely percussion which builds into a crescendo of possibly the wobbliest bassline I’ve heard in years. Imagine you’ve left one of those worms in the bottom of a tequila bottle for 15 years, it’s drunk itself stupid, put on a Dillinja tune and tried to sing it back to you, pissed as a fart. That sounds rude, but it isn’t! This is a really fun tune! I’d love to see a crowd reaction to it.

Buy: https://ciarecords1.bandcamp.com/track/climbing-out

Next up is a VIP, always something i’m pretty wary of (see previous comments on remix albums). Philth is back on the buttons with Collette Warren’s distinguished and angelic vocal floating on top of this really techy and crunchy rework. For a tune that originally came out in 2014, this is Very Impressive Production. Yup, i just did that. Thanks… Where the original would sing you softly to sleep, this one will be what’s under the bed waiting for when the lights go out.

Concord Dawn & Need For Mirrors are teaming up fairly regularly of late, and what is coming out of the collaboration is impressive. As with their release for BMTM, Motor City is a progressive track with no unnecessary bells and whistles. I really like the drums and the track as a whole comes together nicely. Great likkl belly rumbler!

Buy: https://ciarecords1.bandcamp.com/track/climbing-out

Smile is next on the EP from Chromatic. Now I’ve done a wee bit of research on Chromatic, some places saying it’s 2 guys, the Deepkut press release saying it’s 1 and then a site saying it was a giant metal strap on, but i’m pretty sure that was my google search playing funny buggers again. Either way, whoever or whatever made this tune is clearly a talented thing/person/people. (You can see where it gets difficult for me now right…?!). Waves of harp drift over you, melodies and snippets of well placed vocals sit perfectly and i couldn’t really think of a better fit than Deepkut for a tune like this. Really nice stuff.

Bringing things to a close is Mesmerized by In-Deed (love that name by the way!). He’s got all the hallmarks of someone prepped and ready to break through the deeper liquid scene with releases on labels like Fokuz and now Deepkut. I’d never heard any of his music before but i’ll definitely be checking him out from now on, with this production sounding tight and on point. Maturely laid out and well delivered, the Total Science boys have done well in unearthing yet more fresh talent.

Buy: https://ciarecords1.bandcamp.com/track/climbing-out

C.I.A and by default Deepkut are synonymous with quality, hidden gems. While these tracks may not be the one record every DJ will draw for in 2016, it’s a package of music which has been cared about and brought into the world through a great label. Take the time out of your busy day and the ten million tunes being thrown at you online to have a quick listen. After all, you’ll love being the one to say ‘I played you that first’ when one of these artists blows in a few years ;)

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