Anile – Allergens EP (Med School Music)

Posted by Snapclicker on 5th September 2016

Anile is a producer I’ve been following for quite a while. According to my trusty ‘I’m cooler than you’ bar on iTunes (otherwise known as date added) I illegally downloaded a remix he did for June Miller in 2010. I’ve been listening to/paying for his material ever since.

Fast forward to 2016 and we see him following up last year’s ‘Perspective’ album with the luscious ‘Allergens EP’. Perceived as a threat, allergens are mostly fought off by the immune system, but this 4 track delight sinks in like toes lowered into summer swimming pools.

Opening with ‘Your Way’ Anile flexes his vibes muscles and shines a light on an ingrained ability to make really beautiful music. With this being on Hospital’s sister label Med School, lazy Logistics comparisons could easily rear their ugly head but luckily Anile is a producer with plenty more in the tank than that.

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‘Wish List’ is another delicious morsel. This producer clearly has a really deft touch and ability to pick out jazzy, funky and stunning sonics to build a track which just pats you gently on the shoulder like an old friend.

As soon as you’ve been caressed through the A side, flip the record and the needle sinks into the groove of ‘Allergens’. Suddenly i’m reminded of hearing moody as f**k drums of anticipation in some dingy late 90’s nightclub people now talk about like it saved humanity. What i wasn’t expecting was to be then dropkicked into a futuristic jump up rave of what i can only describe as a choir of yodelling wasps. Judging by the artwork, these thundering cones of darkness may well be recordings of Anile sneezing. Or just the nightmares of a hay fever suffering giant…. This is such a fun tune and it makes me smile, something endlessly hyper-produced dance music rarely seems to do these days! Special shout out to the subtlety of the second drop, nice to hear a tune happy to dance with itself and not need ten million lasers to signal where you’re meant to start having fun again.

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I think my favourite of the EP is it’s secret weapon ‘Velvet Glove’. If you caught any of the ‘Perspective’ LP you’ll be well at home here. This has all the soulful selections of an early RJD2 record, the jungle funk and brutality for the floor and just the right amount of wafty charm. This is one of those where you’ll see a satisfied screwface once that naughty bass section kicks in such a it’s the warm unexpected surprise.

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If i could say one thing about this EP as whole, it’s an object that glides in the space around you, or hangs like a tennis ball gently thrown in the air before Roger Federer hammers ‘Allergens’ into your face at 174 bpm.

For a gentleman who provides biscuits to his friends and can be lovingly described as a mud doctor, i’m pleased to say this Anile release doesn’t disappoint. And that’s ‘A Nile’, like one nile.

I guess the problem with there being so many producers now, is no one’s just called ‘Creepy Dave’, ‘Tall Steve’ or ‘That lad who likes ginger beer and walks with a limp but sounds like Dillinja’ and we’d all know who you were talking about.

I digress. The one single nile EP = Good. Go buy it.

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