5 Essential Things You Need For Hospitality In The Park

Posted by Adam on 6th September 2016

At the time of writing this we are just over 2 weeks away from not only the biggest ever Hospitality event to date but also the biggest Drum & Bass event the UK has ever seen: Hospitality In The Park. In preparation for such a big event here’s a quick list of essential things you’re going to need.

I’m no festival veteran (or style guru, as you’ll soon see) so this is just a few things to get you started – and I left really obvious things out like “money” and “shoes” because I’d like to think you’ve got the basics covered…

Hat & Sunglasses


Yea yea, it’s and the end of September and it’s in England so there’s a good chance it might rain but, you know what?, the weather is so unpredicatble it could go the other way and be scorching and any bad juju saying it’s probably going to rain isn’t welcome.

For the best chance of sun you need to please the sun gods by showing that you’re ready for it to be sunnier than the opening credits of the Teletubbies. How can you do this? Well you could head over to the Hospital Shop to bag some of their wicked sunglasses and you can go to wherever they sell summer hats and buy one of them. Having never purchased a hat in my entire life my recommendations are thin on the ground there but I’m sure you’ll figure something out.

Your Appetite


The food that is going to be on offer is actually ridiculous. Like, actually ridiculous. You can check out the full list @ http://www.hospitalityinthepark.london.

For those of you who went to the BBQ last year you’ll already know that Hospital don’t lay on some manky burger vans, as in the kind you find at boot sales, the food is top notch. For those of you who didn’t attend the BBQ last year shame on you, but you’re in for a real treat.

The only hard part is balancing your desire to try all the food with your desire to be able to move at all. It’s tricky so be careful.

A Banging Playlist

headphones train

Now this is something that you should have sorted already because, if you’re anything like me, you’re fully hyped up and ready for the big day. Also, depending on how far away you’re coming from, you’re going to need a decent playlist for travelling to Finsbury Park. As I’m travelling about 400 miles a hefty playlist is definitely needed so I’ve made an unofficial Hospitality In The Park playlist which I’ll be building up over the next couple of weeks.

Appropriate Garms


Keeping with the sunshine vibe you want to be dressed for the hot weather. I’ve opted for a custom printed Ninja Ninja t-shirt (which will make me easy to find if you want to come and say hello) but for those of you who aren’t stupid enough to pay over the odds to have your own t-shirt printed I’d recommend something like the new Hospital ’96 vest or one of the wicked new Med School t-shirts. Or….I dunno….regular clothes if you want to be boring…

A Clone


Probably one of the more difficult items on the list to secure but still worth looking in to as, when you look at just how insane the line up is (see below), you’ll realise that it’s going to be very hard to decide where to spend your time so a clone would definitely help you with that.

Set times haven’t been announced yet but when they are don’t set yourself a rigid schedule, you’ll miss out on some great sets if you’re not careful – a perfect example being when I stumbled into room 2 at Building 6 and Frederic Robinson was playing live. It blew me away and I stayed for the rest of the set but in all honesty I wouldn’t have purposely gone in as he clashed with someone I had really wanted to see.


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