Titan Records Celebrates 5 Years With A Bonkers 3-Part EP

Posted by Ben on 8th August 2016

Some of you might not be aware of the fact that A.M.C runs his own label, but he does, and what an imprint it is. Titan Records has been wrecking dancefloors and causing sonic havoc for 5 years now, and to celebrate they’ve put out a 3-part release showcasing their best work; namely some of the most dark and twisted music around.

This idea to split landmark or big releases up has gained quite a bit of traction this year, Shogun did it for their 100th release and people seem to be following suit. Financial reasons aside, it creates a sort of suspense whilst we wait for the next instalment and lends some chronology to the music. Either way, all 3 parts to 5 Years Of Titan absolutely go in, and it kicks off in Part 1.

Whilst the first section only has 2 tracks, their quality more than makes up for the lack of quantity, with label boss man A.M.C leading way with an incredible remix of Diverted by A-Cray. This tune is classic Titan, all rules go out of the window nearly as fast as the twisting, carnivorous lower end will make your jaw hit the floor. And once we get to the second drop it’ll fall even further, as Diverted contorts into an ephemeral slammer by switching out the pounding bass for a dysmorphic, other worldly synth that sounds like a ghost having a panic attack. This track sets the tone for the whole release; dangerous, dark and destructive.

Part 2, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, doesn’t take it down a notch. Far from it, and one of the men responsible is S9. Honestly, I’d never heard of him before this track, and I haven’t been able to find much aside from that he comes from Luton. Whether this is why his sound is so fucked up, I don’t know, but if so I’m grateful because his contribution to the release is Warehouse, which is a stand-out tune for me. The intro is incredibly atmospheric and less relaxing than a spider bite, but it’s not aimed at relaxation, instead it prepares you for some of the biggest synth lines I’ve ever heard. Those of you who enjoyed Loadstar’s recent On The Wheels will love this, Warehouse is an absolute dancefloor murderer, grinding and industrial  it could very well have actually been made in a warehouse because it’s just so big and unerringly eerie. Massive props to S9 for this one, and it definitely ensures his spot on mine, and hopefully yours’ Soundcloud page for years to come.

Glass Cobra manages to instil a sense of the real world into Part 3. Champion is the only tune on the whole release with any sort of vocals and it reminds you that life continues outside of Titan’s crushing tech insanity. It doesn’t last long however, for the sliver of ragga jungle influence to be found in the intro is summarily demolished on the drop by a now recognisable synth/bass combo that both flips the vibe and holds the Titan banner high. Existence by rising Belgian star Turno is another fantastic track from Part 3, which manages to sound both familiar and completely baffling at the same time. This is because Turno’s jump up influence shines through in how the tune bounces along,giving it that crashing heaviness we all know from those cold, late, jump up fuelled nights. But the actual synth sounds don’t follow this pattern, they’re all over the place, climbing scales faster than you can keep up and destroying ear drums in the process. I love both of these tracks, and anyone planning on catching some live drum & bass this summer should keep an ear out.

5 Years Of Titan puts A.M.C and the rest of the Titan crew right where they should be; in the upper echelons of the heavier side of drum & bass. This is a ridiculously good piece of music that consistently surprises all the way through, both with it’s variety, quality and simply because it’s just nuts. It’s completely bonkers, and you should go pick up parts 1,2 and 3 from Beatport now.

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