Lynx Unleashes Even More Music With Vault 2

Posted by Dan on 29th August 2016

Following on from his album Vault 1, released earlier this summer, Lynx has released another selection of big tunes in the form of ‘Vault 2’. With this record, made up of even more previously unreleased tracks from Detail Recordings, he continues to show off his creativity and unique production style.

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‘Girl Like U’ kicks off ‘Vault 2’ in typical Lynx fashion; a number of very different elements – a dark drum and bass instrumental with roaring bass, a sweet dancehall vocal from Singer J, a loud trumpet sample – are all combined to create something original and wacky. Whether they all work together or not is entirely down to the listener; I personally think it makes for some intriguing and entertaining listening! “New Shoes”, meanwhile, is a good old bass-heavy roller; featuring one synth I momentarily mistook for my mobile ringing (you’ll know it when you hear it!), this could get pretty much anyone to throw on their own new shoes and dance! Next up, ‘Some Day’, featuring frequent collaborator Hellrazor, is an uplifting summer jam, layered with funky 80s-esque synths, sweet vocal snippets and some lovely horn riffs – right down my street!

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But the star of the show is ‘Autopilot’. I’ll start by saying this is not only, for me, the best track on Vault 2, but quite possibly one of the best tracks I’ve heard from Lynx. This is a spectacularly eerie and, in my opinion, very thought-provoking piece of music. Interestingly enough, I didn’t enjoy this upon listening to it for the first time; I wasn’t in the right state of mind. It was only when I sat down, closed my eyes, and gave this another listen, that I realised its beauty. ‘Autopilot’ never exactly kicks off into a frenzy of drums or electro madness, but keeps to a simple yet unorthodox beat, backed by a choppy bassline. In addition to these are peaceful, airy synths, and a light splattering of rather mechanical sounds and bleeps; all these factors brought together create a strange feeling of being high in the sky, where there is that sense of emptiness and peace, but at the same time a subtle hint of danger. It isn’t a necessarily complex track but, although some may disagree, it stands out for me as one of Lynx’s finest.

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Finally, ‘Vault 2’ concludes with ‘Jungle Pop’, yet another track co-produced by Hellrazor, and boy it is quite something! It’s a totally unique take on that oldskool jungle sound we know so well, and although the track only runs for the short space of 2 minutes and 45 seconds, that is all Lynx needs to make his point; he can take that classic sound and completely spin it on its head!

This is a highly enjoyable yet unconventional record, but what else would we expect from Lynx?! Still refusing to be restricted by any boundaries of the genre, we must by now know that with Lynx, you must expect the unexpected!

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