Enei – Rituals Remixed (Critical Music)

Posted by Snapclicker on 30th August 2016

Right, lets get the elephant in the room out there straight away…Does anyone actually care much about remix albums/projects?

Generally speaking it’s like someone who’s watched too much Masterchef adding chocolate to Bolognese or plonking a bowl filled with lavender smoke, uncovering your arabic beetle infused iced Cornetto. Not today thanks Heston.

Luckily, under the shrewd guise of the guys at Critical they’ve laid out a table with some decent treats.

Firstly, Break does exactly what you know (hope) Break will do. His remix of ‘Homeworld feat. Charli Brix’ has all the hallmarks you’d want in something Break plies his trade to. The bass is enormous, the drums are sumptuous and the female vocals will ensure while the gurners in the room are losing their sh*t, the DJ will still think he can impress the ladies with his gentle, feminine side….

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The ‘Just One Look feat. Charli Brix’ remix sees Dutch alien wizard Signal regurgitate the original into some utterly bonkers sounds, morphing it to more of a war march and Ms Brix’s sublime vocals will mean you’ll be throwing yourself over the trenches at her first command.

Fre4knc. Nope, still don’t know how to say it (soz Badger) but jeepers creepers. He’s done an absolute cracker (geddit… Enei – Cracker, no? Just me then) on this remix. Its got everything you’d want from a Critical release – stonking bass, drums crisper than a packet of Walkers and some urban bleepy bits for the mandem. Scrap that Walkers bit actually, it’s Critical, so it’s definitely more of a gentleman’s Kettle Chip vibe. Probably Sea Salt and Black Pepper as we know Kasra’s love for darkness.

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The Current Value ‘Vertigo’ remix literally makes me feel like i’m about to launch myself off a building, but in a really fun ‘maybe there’s an afterlife?’ kind of way. I thought Vertigo meant you wanted to jump off big things because you were scared, but in fact it’s ‘when a person feels as if they or the objects around them are moving when they are not’. Mr Value has achieved his task – remixing this definition. I’m fairly certain if this got played out in a room full of people far younger than me with limbs which still moved properly, there’d most definitely be objects moving bloody everywhere.

The overall feel of this Remix bonanza is a pretty dark affair. But it’s Critical, it’s Enei, and to be totally honest it’s exactly what i wanted to hear upon seeing the track list.

Well done boys, consider me well fed. Can’t wait to hear what’s for pudding.

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