Mystic State Stop By For A Chat & Deliver Their 2nd Guest Mix Ahead Of Their Addictive Behaviour Debut

Posted by Adam on 25th July 2016

I’ve been following the Mystic State lads (not literally…) for a couple of years now and when I found out they were making their debut one of my favourite labels, Addictive Behaviour, it seemed like the perfect time to have a chat with them. Not only that but they’ve done what no other artist has done so far and returned for their 2nd guest mix for us which you can listen to here.

Hi lads, how are you both?
Still alive and kicking. Thanks for asking. How’re you keeping Adam?

Good thanks! Why don’t you kick off by telling us a bit about yourselves and what got you into Drum & Bass in the first place.
We’re two guys that come from the sticks, out in the South West of England. To pay the rent, I (Will) work as a chef, and Mike is a full time student. We met when we were 12 years old and bonded through a mutual love of mullet haircuts, conspiracy theories and pseudo-sexually aggressive female wrestlers and have been friends ever since. We always shared a passion for music, and wether it was hip-hop, techno or drum & bass, we spent our childhood kicking back and listening to the latest jams. We were born near enough to Bristol to have the underground music scene find it’s way to us, but far enough out to be just out of the loop. A few older kids we knew from our town had picked up mixing and we thought it seemed like a good idea to try it ourselves, so we picked up a pair of turntables using a credit card we stole and gave it a shot. A couple years later Mike “purchased” a copy of Logic Pro and the rest is history!

You’ve been working together for a few years now and the progression from your first release back in 2013 and now is fantastic – what, for you, has been the hardest part of that journey?
The hardest part has been finding our feet musically. Because we’re relatively new to producing, we were quite out of our depth in the fact that before this, we had little to no musical background, albeit for a handful of awkward guitar lessons with a man who resembled The Wurzels’ embarrassing drunk cousin. When you pick up electronic producing from scratch with no knowledge of key scales, melodies and structure then it’s a struggle to take everything on board, especially when most of the time we were teaching ourselves. The vibe usually comes fairly easy as we both know what we would like to make, and we agree on a lot of things musically. The tech side of things was the real ball breaker. Within the last year or so things have got a lot easier, but we’re still learning every day.

Do you both work in the same studio space or is it all done over the internet?
We used to be neighbours so our earlier stuff was made in one studio. Without getting too nostalgic over an internet interview, there was nothing better than the days when we spent our entire time sat in front of a computer, experimenting with noises until we got a track we were both hyped about. Nowadays, Mike’s living in Bristol for uni and I’m working close to home finishing my cheffing training so those laid-back days in the studio are much few and far between. We send each other a couple of projects a week, some get finished and some don’t. But at least twice a month we have a day in the studio, wear our matching bean-stained vests with “Mystic State” emblazoned across the middle, drink lots of beer and try and write something half decent.

Ok so let’s talk about your next release, a track called Arcane, which sees you debut on the brilliant Addictive Behaviour and team up with Handra. How did you end up working with them?
Handra first exposed themselves to us (metaphorically) when they collaborated with Mortem with the track ‘Eyes On You’, which coincidentally came out on Addictive Behaviour last year. We were instantly hooked on the sullen vocals, razor-sharp drums and general rolling feel of the track. We sent them a message saying how much we liked the release, one thing lead to another and we ended up swapping ideas for tracks. Filip sent me about 32 bars of drums and a little bass cut, and when my roommate went to work for the night I borrowed his Korg, found some old skool hip hop vocals and ‘Arcane’ was born.

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And where did the link up with Addictive behaviour come from? This is your first vinyl release so must be an extra special feeling to I’m guessing?
As for Addictive Behaviour, we’ve wanted to work with those guys from day one. We were hugely into Eastcolors’ music which is how we got switched on to them initially. The label has a good range of dark, to tech and through to the more musical stuff which is impressive. Variety in labels is lacking nowadays and Addictive Behaviour keep it held down. Big up Clayton!

Aside from your own tunes what’s your essential tunes you’re playing out right now?
Redders & DRS – Vintage (Greazus Remix)
Mr Carmack – Rappers
Sam KDC – Dote
Ilk – Tahoratakarar
Alix Perez & Skeptical – Room 667
Sully – Limb Assembly (Ilk Remix)
Dub Phizix – Doberman
Hatti Vatti – Forgotten Scores

Cheers lads, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
We’ve started collecting old rizlas to burn for heat as we’re too poor to pay the gas bill so if you wanna book us to play at your night then hit up and we’ll turn up 2 hours late, clang it up and try touch your girlfriends’ arse all night. Big up Clayton & Neil! Peace x

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