INTERVIEW: We Talk To Kolectiv About Their New Release On Dispatch

Posted by Adam on 31st July 2016

Hi lads! How are you all?
A combination of great, hype and knackered all rolled into one.

Tell us a bit about who Kolectiv is and how you all ended up working together
Kolectiv is a group formed out of three sentient beings from different parts of the cosmos. Ok thats a blatant lie. The reality is a lot more boring. We are all from London. However, the way we formed is a bit more complex.
To cut a long story short, two of us (Kalm & Keza) had known each other and had worked on other projects together earlier in 2007/08. Both had their own respective solo output. Keza had also worked with one of Carera’s old time pals Halogenix. Somewhere in all of that led to a meeting between the three of us and the Kolectiv Project was born. Orignally a label type concept, where we would still release solo material with the added help of our individual expertise, however this soon changed and took the form we see today.

You’ve been busy this year with several releases out already, any personal highlights of 2016 so far?
To be honest there are a few this year, from radio plays on Radio 1 and Noisia Radio to gigs and multiple label releases. But two really stand out.
The Alix Perez remix of “Closer to the Fire” on the Vandal Records Modern Soul 2 LP has been the main highlight as it has involved friends and one our favourite tracks. It has had a great response with lots of support which makes it all round a fantastic experience. Big shouts to Alix, Redeyes and Vandal Records for making that possible.
Our release on Horizons with Hydro as it has got a lot of love and support. Also like the Perez remix, it has opened the door for more people to access our music.
We should also mention Fokuz and its sister labels, Celsius and Influenza. They have really loved our material and shown great support.

On top of those releases you’re back on Dispatch LTD with some new music, do you select or reserve tracks especially for the label? It’s always home to your best tunes in my opinion.
That’s nice of you to say and we’re sure Ant TC1 will agree. The truth is the answer to this question has changed over time and will probably continue to do so. That can sound kind of cryptic but what it means is that right now we want to focus our energy and output in one or two places. We never reserve a track per se, but sometimes you make a track and you know which label it suits. In saying that, nobody is going to like all of your music, so you have to keep your options open.


You’ve managed to get in a fair bit of variation in the tracks whilst keeping the theme consistent – do you think you’ve found your “sound” yet or are you experimenting still?
A lot of people say they have honed their sound, but we prefer to say found. We like to explore or experiment and we have realised by doing that we have discovered an ability to be diverse whilst still maintaining an identity.
The fact that there are three of us, each with our own musical background and influences, means we will always produce a broad range of music. It keeps things more interesting.

My pick of the 3 tunes has to be Timelines, do any of you have a personal favourite?
We have to agree with you on that. Usually our favourite tracks are the ones that come together very quickly, they almost seem to write them selves with a clear theme or idea in mind, timelines was definitely one of these tunes.


What are you running in the studio these days? Do you all share the one space?
At the moment we work in a purpose built studio in Carera’s back yard which was finished about 5 months ago. We mainly use logic although we have been playing around with the new Studio One which seems great. That’s running on a mac pro, connected to the Allen & Heath ZED R16 analogue mixing desk/audio interface and some Mackie HR824 MK1 monitors. Then we have a few synths, compressors and FX units, nothing too fancy in that department mostly second hand bits and pieces that came along for a good price and couldn’t be resisted.

What are your essential tunes you’re drawing for in every set at the minute?
Break – Unification [C.I.A]
Arkaik & Signal – Shapes (Dispatch LTD)
Wu Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M (Dominic Ridgway Bootleg)

Thanks lads, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Come catch us at Noise Test at Blue Mountain Bristol on the 12th August, strictly the producers own unreleased dubs all night. Always a vibes night! Big up to everyone we have been working and partying with this year, too many names to mention but you know who you are!

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