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Posted by Adam on 12th July 2016

Technique’s flagship summer compilation has just been released and, as always, it’s an absolutely massive selection of the biggest and best tunes around right now.

Technique’s own dynamic duo, Document One, of course feature on the album (twice actually) so I asked the lads to give me their top 5 tunes.

Chase & Status – Blind Faith (Loadstar remix)
This tune always gets people dancing. The totally sense of euphoric vocals combined with a killer jungle fused remix from loadstar is just perfect, a must for anyones set!

Logistics – Together
This is an absolute classic, and one which first reminds me of our early raving days. The groove is just right and the deep bass line is enough to get anyone moving. If you don’t know, get to know and for the rest of us we understand just how important this is when its dropped in the right situation.

Document One – Jazz Club
The double bass neuro fused drop was something of a mini accident. The vocals and flow of the baseline always seem to get the crowds attention, and has been a pillar in our set now for quite some time now. This tune caught the attention of quite a lot of dj’s as well as opened the door to let us be a jazz inspired as we like!

The Upbeats & Ivy lab – Pharaoh
I love how spooky yet oddly catchy this tune is. We’ve been a massive fan of both there music for ages so the colab is so perfect its unreal. when you wanna capture a vibe and take it deep for a minute this is the tune for that, trust me.

High Contrast – Remind Me
High contrast has been a machine for what seems like forever now! the vocal is amazing and the sonics and musicality is equally as amazing. This is the perfect feel good tune and is absolutely killing all over the place….love it!

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