Dan Dakota Talks To Us About His New Single On Liquicity

Posted by Adam on 3rd July 2016

Hi Dan! How are you?
I’m good thank you!

How’s 2016 been so far? Any highlights?

It’s been really good. It feels great to be releasing music after being so quiet for almost 2 years. There has been a few highlights, one of the main one’s that comes to mind is when Fred V & Grafix, S.P.Y, Etherwood and myself all played a back to back set together at Hospitality in Calgary. Was such a good night!

How’s the scene out in Canada at the minute? Is the explosion of Electronic Music that the US seeing mirrored across the border?
The scene is really good in Canada right now, drum and bass is getting bigger here in the past few years. So many drum and bass shows in Calgary, people like The Supreme Hustle & 403DNB are really putting the work in to have constant headline drum and bass acts here. I’ve been Dj’ing and going out here for about three years now, and it’s hard to think of someone that i haven’t seen play in Calgary. Drum and Bass is strong here at the moment!

You’re crossing more than borders with your new single which is coming out on Dutch label Liquicity – how did you hook up with those guys?
I first started working with Liquicity a few years ago from sending them demo’s. I did two tracks for one of their compilation albums and a free download when i was 19. Didn’t release anything for the past 2 years so when i started up again i sent them these new tracks and it all went from there. Been a huge Liquicity fan since i was 16. Finding their Youtube channel introduced me to so much dnb i’d never heard of and a big reason as to why i started to get into drum and bass so much. It’s a big honor to be releasing music on their label.

Buy: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/stood-in-dark-we-let-em-go/id1121191445

Both tracks have a real feel good, hands in the air vibe – is that what your sets are like too?
It depends really! Depends on the size of the show and the vibe. I like playing this kind of stuff when i play out, but i love playing all other styles just as much. I try to cover a few areas of drum and bass, but for bigger gigs, i i love playing a decent amount of feel good music.

Who are your musical influences and what got you into DnB in the first place?
Right now my biggest influences are probably Oasis, Stereophonics, Coldplay and a few others. I love live music, it really inspires me when i’m song writing and creating ideas.

The track that got me into drum and bass was a track called ‘Secret Agent’ by Netsky. I’d never heard drum and bass before and it blew my mind. I think i was about 16 at the time, been into dnb ever since. In terms of influences within drum and bass, I love Camo & Krooked, they can do anything and everything. Sigma are making brilliant music right now. Dimension is on fire at the moment, some huge dance floor smashers from him. Netsky’s new stuff sounds great. Fred V & Grafix’s new album is brilliant. There’s loads, but i try to not be too influenced by people within drum and bass. I want to be able to carve out my own sound.

Buy: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/stood-in-dark-we-let-em-go/id1121191445

You’ve done some pretty high profile remixes in the past, including one for Fred V & Grafix – have you got any more up your sleeve?
I don’t have anything i could talk about just yet unfortunately! I haven’t done a remix in quite a while, since the Maverick Souls remix for Fred V and Grafix.

I’ve been working really hard on my own productions, got so much music ready to go after the last 2 years. There will be a lot of music coming from me this year! I’m really happy with all of it. Hopefully i’ll be on the remix tip soon though.

Thanks Dan, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
I hope you like the new single! Both tracks were a big songwriting process. They started off as piano idea’s at my apartment, and they have slowly got to where they are now. The B side is my proudest production to date. I really enjoyed writing it. It’s been a big part of my life in the last few months and i hope people like it!

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