Alix Perez kickstarts 1985 Music with the Elephant Dreams EP

Posted by Dan on 23rd July 2016

By now I imagine many of us have heard the news that is the establishment of Alix Perez’ self-launched record label, 1985 Music; for its very first release, Alix has put together a wicked 4-track record, Elephant Dreams EP, and this time he’s keeping it in the region of 170-180 BPM!

The title track, featuring Skeptical on the production, encourages me to imagine just what elephants do dream of; I personally think of more rampant elephants! There is a sheer force within this track, perhaps powered by the classic, heavy Perez kicks, the throbbing bass, or the rather animalistic synths that makes me picture a whole herd of the beasts, charging, furious and unstoppable! In complete contrast, Had I Known is a far dreamier and more relaxing offering from Perez, with a reverbed piano and a sweet vocal helping us to drift into a world of our own. In an EP filled with dark, dancefloor-orientated bangers, this beautiful track stands out among the rest as a little more uplifting, and easier to listen to in the comfort of your own home.


STNKR, meanwhile, is a pretty bizarre track! A ‘filthy’, experimental piece, this merges sounds I didn’t even know existed, from the rugged to the squelchy, over a simple, thudding beat; I don’t think I’ve heard a drum and bass track quite like this before. Finally, Perez brings back Skeptical for Room 667, a moody, sub bass-heavy stomper laden with chopped-up vocals – the type of track I can only imagine being played through an immense soundsystem.


This is a pretty impressive record, and a very promising start for the new label, mixing the kind of sounds we expect of an artist like Perez with some more daring and adventurous endeavours. I myself will be keeping a close eye out for more 1985 Music releases, and I’m hoping some more collaborations with Skeptical are on the horizon!

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