The Prototypes’ City Of Gold Gets A Fantastic Re-Visit

Posted by Ben on 22nd June 2016

As I’m sure everyone knows, The Prototypes released their debut album City of Gold in May of last year, and needless to say it went down pretty well. It had a whole host of wicked tunes on it, and really cemented the fact that The Prototypes are two of the best producers out there at the moment. So it’s not really a surprise to anyone that Viper have decided to release a 7 track strong remix LP to try and perhaps both extend the lifetime of the release, and also represent some different interpretations of the original album.

The first name that pops up when you whack the release on are the distortion leviathans Calyx & Teebee, who’ve decided to add their signature sound to Pale Blue Dot, arguably the best track off of City of Gold and a tune that shot straight to Number 1 over on Beatport. Ambient, spacious vibes bring us in and you’d be forgiven for thinking this remix was taking things down a notch from the original, however the intro comes out swinging – and in a big way. Those trademark Pale Blue Dot stabs let you know exactly what time it is and a Mind of an Insomniac-esque build-up layers even more tension before it drops and gives everyone listening exactly what they want. Namely a furiously cacophonous mash of the aforementioned stabs, immaculate drums and classic Calyx & Teebee bassy undertones. The second drop takes this even further, and rounds off an incredible remix of an already great track that honestly, might be one of the best tunes 2016 is going to give us.

Another very strong member of the Viper Recordings roster is InsideInfo, the madman behind Up2U, Leibniz and loads of other fantastic tracks that have been getting heads bopping and feet moving. On this release he’s giving the remix treatment to Redose and fucking hell this track goes in. You’d think after the last one Viper would give us a breather, but I guess not because this tune can be summed up in one word; weighty. The amount of depth and force that’s he managed to shove into the lower end is amazing, and despite being neither the fastest or most fluid tune out there it has a lovely flow to it.

The next two tracks I want to talk about are quite similar, but both excellent nonetheless. These are The Prototypes vs Teddy Killerz remix of Fallen featuring Donae’o, and the VIP of Pop It Off, and whilst they’re not similar enough to draw any criticism they both have a comparable twisting bass line that wraps around itself and drives the tune forward.I like both a lot, and I feel like Donae’o deserves a mention for his superb vocal work that adds a nice element of melodicism to an otherwise nutty track. The album also features a trap remix of Pop It Off by UV, which I don’t personally like because I just can’t get my head around trap, but if you’re into that kinda sound then it should tickle your eardrums.

The last 3 tunes that I haven’t covered are all different versions of lovely vocal-based roller Is It Love. The Prototypes have come up with both a club mix and a club vocal mix, both of which add another level of energy to the original and predictably make it more suited for a live environment. But the version I’m really interested in is the Trump disco remix, because whilst it’s not Drum & Bass it deserves a write-up. If you’re into Bassline this one’s for you, because the drop is one of the filthier ones I’ve heard in a while. I also love the breakbeat aspect to this track, the drums are that little bit faster and more interesting than most Bassline tunes and it gives it a little kick up the arse, something I feel it needs seeing as it’s on a Drum & Bass release.

City of Gold is without a doubt a great album, and this remix LP is a layer of concrete reinforcing over already impenetrable walls. The quality of all the tracks, especially the Calyx & TeeBee remix, is just superb and I really feel like Viper have taken their time over this one and made sure it pays proper tribute to the original. I seriously recommend you go pick this up now from either the Viper store or iTunes.

1) The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot (Calyx & TeeBee remix)
2) The Prototypes – Redose (InsideInfo remix)
3) The Prototypes – Fallen feat. Donae’o (The Prototypes vs Teddy Killerz remix)
4. Pop It Off (feat. Mad Hed City) (UZ Remix)
5. Is It Love (feat. Laconic) (Trumpdisco Remix)
6. Pop It Off (feat. Mad Hed City) (VIP Mix)
7. Is It Love (feat. Laconic) (Club Vocal Mix)
8. Is It Love (feat. Laconic) (Club  Mix)

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