Icicle Follows Up Entropy With The Differentia EP

Posted by Adam on 8th June 2016

Icicle has always been a producer that has never been afraid to do his own thing and make the music that he wants to make, as opposed to what the current trend is, which is one of the reasons he has become so popular over the years.

“With my latest EP I’ve gone just a touch more dance floor than I have for instance with my last album ‘Entropy’. We’re in the middle of a tech drum & bass boom and I’ve tried to explore that a bit more but have gone looking for identity within the sound. Hence the name ‘Differentia EP’ which essentially is a sort of philosophical term for the definition of difference”

The Differentia EP is his first solo release since his massive, 2nd album Entropy and is a full on tear out from start to finish – it’s almost like a release of energy after such a long time since his album was released (probably).

Highlights of the EP have to be The Nothing which features gorgeous vocals from Tasha Baxter and Ego which is simply massive. In all honesty it’s allll good and is well worth bagging.

Buy: https://www.beatport.com/release/differentia-ep/1772740

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