Woodtekr Comes Correct With Purple Dusk

Posted by Ben on 24th May 2016

US based producer Woodtekr has been on my radar ever since one of his tunes popped up in a Spotify playlist I was was perusing a couple of years back, and his new EP Purple Dusk on Soul Deep Recordings is full to the brim of jazzy, soulful vibes.

It kicks off with the title track Purple Dusk, a tune that layers a groovy saxophone, a melancholy double bass and a gorgeous piano to create a song that has vibes by the bucketload. Lost & Found has a deep, growling bass line that takes the release into slightly darker, and more chin stroke territory which is beneficial for any release in my opinion.

The highlight of the release for me is Mr Kink, it’s packed full of enough funky stabs to get even the most self conscious ravers out there having a boogie and with summer (kind of) on the horizon it couldn’t have come at a better time.

To be honest the same can be said for the whole EP, Purple Dusk is admittedly simple, however in this case less is undoubtedly more. Great work from the Soul Deep crew. Pick it up here.

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