Hybrid Minds Launch Hybrid Music With ‘Touch’

Posted by Adam on 28th May 2016

I don’t need to tell you who Hybrid Minds are. Their popularity has grown at an exponential rate over the last few years having released some of the most gorgeous and uplifting Drum & Bass, predominately on Spearhead, but the lads have decided to take things into their own hands and start their own label: Hybrid Music.

In an interview with UKF they said it’s something they’d been working on for a while now…

“It’s been under consideration for a good few years now. It was about finding the right time and having the energy and confidence to put it all together. It goes without saying having your own label has many advantages and these were no doubt what inspired us to go this route, we’ve definitely had the majority of the driving seat when it comes to past releases & we’re looking forward to having total control in the future!” Source: UKF

The first release on Hybrid Music will be a devastatingly beautiful track called Touch which feature gorgeous vocals from Tiffani Juno and is backed with a fantastic remix from Tokyo Prose.

Oh, and there will be another Hybrid Minds album coming!

“The first single on Hybrid Music is from an album that we are in the middle of making. It’s all pretty exciting for us to get stuck in to a large project again. We can’t give any album dates or anything as it’s still a work in progress. We tend to be particularly slow at getting tracks to a point that we are happy with, we blame our OCD. Source: UKF

Buy: https://hybridminds.databeats.com/group/hybrid-minds-touch


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