Fokuz Recordings’ Hateful Eighty Compilation Is Liquid As It Should Be

Posted by Ben on 23rd May 2016

Fokuz Recordings is one of those labels that I come back to again and again, simply because there aren’t many labels that do liquid drum n bass quite as well. It makes sense then that the first half of their new Hateful Eighty compilation, aimed at celebrating their eightieth release and containing tracks from most of the Fokuz roster, is as strong as it is. Featuring tracks from Silence Groove, Satl, Random Movement and more, amongst some excellent remixes from the likes of Ivy Lab and dBridgeThe Hateful Eighty is drum n bass as it should be; soulful, diverse and energetic music that cuts straight to the core. You can pre-order it from the Fokuz Recordings website here.

Without a doubt my favourite tune from the 16-track strong first CD is Be Mine by Malaky and Satl, a song that for me epitomizes what I love about Fokuz Recordings. An excellent drum section gives it a lovely fluid feel, perfectly complementing the mash of warm pads, High Contrast-esque vocal samples and jazzy piano. Satl and Malaky are staples of the Fokuz roster, and with this track they once again earn their place at the top of the proverbial pedestal.

One of the main things I look for in a release is diversity, because if an artist or label can cover the whole spectrum of drum n bass in one sitting it just screams quality. And that’s exactly what Clockwork by Air.K and Cephei says to me. It reminds me quite a lot of Rockwell’s music, it’s a great change of pace from a lot of the other tunes and it has a great clicky, mechanical feel to it whilst maintaining that soulful element which Fokuz are so good at.

Clockwork isn’t the only track to switch up the pace however, things slow down just a tad with the inclusion of dBridge’s remix of Meet You There by Facing Jinx. Peta Oneir once again does an excellent job supplying the vocal goodness, whilst dBridge has managed to create a bass heavy half-time tune with a snare that makes the track sound both polished and rough round the edges. It could’ve taken 10 hours, 10 days or 10 weeks to create and that’s what I love about it.

Hugh Hardie also makes an appearance representing Hospital Records as a featured producer on If Only by Phaction, the Ivy Lab remix of Sleazy Bitch by Random Movement makes me feel like I’m in a spaceship, and RoyGreen joins Protone to create Freshy, which is just so fucking funky.

All in all The Hateful Eighty is absolutely worth picking up for anyone who, well, likes drum n bass really. It’s got something of everything for everyone, and that’s exactly why Fokuz have once again smashed it out of the park.

1) Random Movement – Sleazy Bitch (Ivy Lab Remix)
2) Malaky & Satl – Be Mine
3) Phase & Midnight Request – Those Eyes
4) Macca & Loz Contreras – Love Me
5) Silence Groove – Kinky Questions
6) Facing Jinx feat. Peta Oneir – Meet You There (dBridge Remix)
7) Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Point Nine
8) Random Movement – I Feel So Lost
9) Drifer – Elsewhere Now
10) Malaky – Falling (Villem Remix)
11) Phaction & Hugh Hardie – If Only
12) Air.K & Cephei – Clockwork
13) Facing Jinx – Love You
14) Roygreen & Protone feat. Lyu – Freshy
15) Kolectiv – Lucid Freedom
16) Kasper & Satl – Something Nice

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  1. Lisa Carty May 24, 2016 - 4:26 pm Reply

    As always Adam.. spot on!! Fokuz & Celsius Recording are my “go to” label ( followed closely by Spearhead <3 ) It's very rare I'm disappointed by any material from their family of artists.
    Love your page, keep sharing the DNB Goodness!!

  2. TropicalTimber July 28, 2016 - 11:16 pm Reply

    I agree, thanks for the review

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