Soulvent Records Presents The New Soul EP

Posted by Adam on 18th April 2016

Our friends over at Soulvent Records have been smashing it ever since the label started and have made a rise in popularity unparalleled by any new label in recent memory so it’s great to see them celebrating their 20th release with the New Soul EP.

“As we’ve reached our 20th release, we wanted to celebrate the milestone with some fresh new blood on the imprint. The New Soul EP features 4 exclusive cuts from 4 incredible producers, familiar and less so, from across the globe.”

The new blood in question is Strife II, Rho & Blacklab who, between them, deliver 3 of the 4 tracks on the EP and sound like they’ve been at it for years. All 3 tracks are beautifully put together each one has its own unique flavour which makes this a great EP to put on and listen to all the way through.

The most exciting thing on the EP though has to be from Pola & Bryson as we get the first proper taste of their forthcoming, debut LP with Raid. It’s a beautiful roller that would stand up against anything from the big labels. It’s modest, understated and gorgeous.


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