Gydra – Dystopia EP (Bad Taste Recordings)

Posted by Adam on 7th April 2016

Despite being incredibly busy with the return of Bad Company Vegas, who’s 1/4 of the group, still manages to keep things going with Bad Taste Recordings and this time it’s Russian trio Gydra stepping up as they make their debut on the label with the Dystopia EP.

As we learned from their EP on Eatbrain these lads know how to put together big tunes and they’ve turned everything up to eleven this time. From start to finish the EP is huge in every way with the neither the energy or the pace relenting for a second for you to catch your breath. Sometimes you just need a bit of dirt, and this fits the bill nicely.

Keep your eyes open for this one dropping on 8th April.

Bad Taste RecordingsGydra

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