Soul Intent Launches Dope Plates With ‘Love Me’

Posted by Adam on 25th March 2016

Our mate Soul Intent is one busy bloke. Not content with already running 2 labels, Lossless Music & Exkursions, he’s now launched a third. The new label is called Dope Plates and will be an outlet for his early 90’s/jungle influenced tunes.

Now, admittedly, I wasn’t old enough to be a part of the birth of rave and jungle (at that age I was too busy brocking out to this) but I have a deep appreciation for it and there is still, even to this day, something really special about how those old tunes sound. It was raw and it was, compared to DnB nowadays at least, simple.

For Dope Plates Soul Intent hasn’t just taken these influences and imitated what the pioneers were doing back then; he’s created authentic rave tunes that, aside from being far crisper on the production, would be right at home back in the 90s. There’s a real feel good vibe with these tunes and will get your feet moving in an instant whether you remember this vibe the first time round or not.


A1. Love Me
B1. Rushin’ 91
B2. Deeper

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