Shiny Radio – Pandas Anthem / Hug (Soulvent Records)

Posted by Adam on 24th March 2016

If you ask me it’s been far too long since we last had a Panda themed Drum & Bass tune (Panda Style came out way back in 2007) but don’t worry, the good people over at Soulvent Records have got us covered with a new single from Shiny Radio.

The Russian producer (who released a massively underrated album in 2014) makes his debut on Soulvent and delivers one of the best singles on the label to date. 

Aside from the tenuous link to Hospital through Panda themed Drum & Bass these tunes actually sound like they could be Hospital classics, taken from the golden era of the early 2000s. The breaks are on point, the sampled strings and hits are perfect and there’s no three and a half minute “bish, bash, bosh’ here – both tunes hit the 6 minute mark for your listening pleasure.

This one’s an absolute must bag.


Shiny RadioSoulvent Records

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