Sam Binga & Om Unit – TransPacific EP (Bunit)

Posted by Adam on 14th March 2016

Last year Sam Binga & Om Unit blew us away with the debut release on their new label Bunit – the Transatlantic EP. The response to the EP was incredible with the vinyl copies pretty much selling out straight away (I had to change the “buy” link on the original article as by the time it was published the Bunit store had sold out).

Since that first EP a year ago Sam Binga released his brilliant album, Wasted Days, and Om Unit has been busy releasing music and focusing on his label Cosmic Bridge so it’s not surprising it too a while for the follow up release given how busy they were. It was no rush job though…

“We approached this EP with the idea of having faith in a process. It’s easy to become overly focused on the results of music making but often the best music happens when that end-product is completely out of mind.” Source: FACT

The EP draws on influences from hip hop, to jungle, to dancehall, to some next level space music (the last track on the EP, Planetary Reboot, is a trip) and is fucking brilliant; ducking and diving between genres more than you can keep up with.


A1. Windmill Kick
A2. Big Kev
B1. 1000 Cats
B2. Planetary Reboot

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