INTERVIEW: Quadrant Talks About Post Album Life And His New Single On Dispatch

Posted by Adam on 5th March 2016

Last year Quadrant, along with Kid hops & Iris, released the brilliant 206 LP and after a short, quiet period he’s back with some new music so I grabbed him for a chat…

Hi Leigh, how are you mate?
Doing well, how’re you? Oh wait this is an interview so you can’t really respond. Anyway, hope you’re good.

First off I’ve got to congratulate you on your album with Kid Hops & Iris, 206. The feedback seemed to be great from everyone – was the reaction better than you expected?
Thank you! Yeah so the feedback really blew us away too. Having Klute like our stuff enough to commission an album was already kind of nuts but some of the comments we’ve gotten since finishing it have just been off the charts cool.

That being said, I think it’s a bit hard to gauge overall reactions to a release in general these days, and especially an album. We worked on it for a couple of years, but the amount of time that anything stays top of mind nowadays is a matter of weeks if you’re lucky. We’re definitely not alone in experiencing this but at the end of the day we’re just glad that it’s out in the world and hopefully putting a smile on some people’s faces.

How’s post album life been? Did you have any down time before you got back into the studio?
Post album life has been busy! Iris and I went to Europe right before it was released where we played Sun & Bass and the Vandal night at Le Bikini in Toulouse. We also got to hang out with good friends in the UK for a bit and even got to go to Dismaland! I only consider that post-album because at that point we had finished it. We’ve taken a bit of downtime in the last couple of months (I just started a new job which is exciting but also mentally taxing).

I did get the opportunity to go to London for the weekend in February and play the final Renegade Hardware show which was exhausting but an absolute blast… so many people I never get to see all in one place, and most of them were surprised as hell that I popped up 6,000 miles from home.
Other than that I’ve been working, finishing up some collabs and remixes– progress hasn’t stopped, I just feel like I’m slacking!

Talking of being back in the studio you’re about to return to Dispatch for a collaborative release with NC-17. How did you end up working with Pete?
Peter and I came up in the scene around the same, and we’ve talked on and off for years. For whatever reason (Facebook, probably) we started talking a lot more around 2013, swapping tunes back and forth, giving feedback, etc. At a certain point some of the feedback I gave on one of his tunes was a bit too specific, so instead of making the changes he just sent the stems and bam, collab!

How did you work on the tracks – did you both get into the studio or was it all done online? Was it a challenge working with someone new having worked so closely and so long with Kid Hops & Iris?
It was a remote collaboration, but since we talk a bunch and send stuff back and forth all the time the feedback loop was really quick. We’re also both used to working with other people so communicating our respective musical ideas and suggestions wasn’t super challenging. It’s definitely different than vibing in the same studio (which hopefully we’ll get to do one day!) but it definitely worked well.

Dub Central leads the release and it’s absolutely massive, in fact all 3 tracks are pretty big, did you go into this looking to make some proper tear out tunes or is that just how it came together?
Ha thanks, I guess subtlety wasn’t really the order of the day with these huh? I think that’s just where they ended up… I don’t know if it’s this way for other people but whenever I go into the studio thinking “let’s make this one a blinder” it always goes way off the rails– I somehow end up with a minimal techno loop or something. On the other hand when you’re just messing around and feeling things out, great stuff can happen. It’s usually not the thing you wanted to happen that day, but if you do it enough times you’ll end up hitting enough of the stylistic landmarks eventually.

What’s your studio setup like at the minute? Anything big on the wish list for 2016?
Right now it’s an iMac, a Waldorf Rocket (which I don’t think has even made it onto a tune yet), Ableton Live with Push 2, a 61 key Novation ReMOTE SL, a pair of Adam A7Xs, a KRK 10” sub, Audeze EL-8 headphones, and a SubPac. Oh yeah, and just an unreasonable number of soft synths, plugins, and samples. On that tip, check out Splice Sounds– it’s a subscription service that lets you choose your samples and presets à la carte rather than buying an entire pack at a time. Definitely good for inspiration.
Stuff on the wish list… oh man, I had the pleasure of checking out HLZ’s studio when I was in London, and it is just filled to the brim with incredible analog synths. I’d love to be surrounded by that much inspiring hardware but that’s aiming a bit high– I’m hoping some additions to the outboard gear collection are in the cards for this year, but we’ll see.

Cheers Leigh, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Just wanted to say big ups to you, Ant TC1, and the rest of the crew at Dispatch for making this release possible, to DLR for the stunning masters, and to everyone out there feeling the music. Plenty more where that came from!

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