INTERVIEW: A Chit Chat About Spectrasoul’s New Label Ish Chat

Posted by Adam on 18th March 2016

Spectrasoul are a real fan favourite and after releasing 2 amazing albums on Shogun Audio the duo have decided it’s time to take control of their music and start their own label; Ish Chat.

With the the first release from the label just around the corner (pre-order it here) I had a chat with the lads about the label, what we can expect from it and who chats the most Ish…

Alright gents how are you both?
Great, thanks…

We’re a few months in to 2016 now, how’s the year been for you so far?
Jack: We’ve been working flat out to be honest!
Dave: We haven’t really felt the cold either as our studio doesn’t have a window and is packed with about 50kgs of Rockwool.

So let’s get straight to the point here, you’ve just launched your own label Ish Chat Music, tell us a bit about the label and why you decided now was the time to do it.

Jack: We were at a cross roads late last year. We’d fulfilled our commitment to Shogun Audio and we basically wanted a brand new challenge.
Dave: We’ve always been very hands on with releasing music and so we thought we’d have a crack at running the show ourselves. We’ve seen behind some of the biggest and best labels in the game and so we’re very privileged to have had a head start.
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Can we expect all of your music to be released through Ish Chat now and will it be a platform for other artists too?
Jack: Essentially, we wanted to create a platform for our own music. That will be the foundation. Much like Signature is to Calibre, Ish Chat Music will be our home for core SpectraSoul music, and we’ll continue to work alongside affiliated labels that we know and love too.
Dave: In terms of other people’s music; if people want to send us some, we’ll be all ears. If we hear something that we really love, feel passionately about and that fits with our ethos, then maybe, some day, we’ll release some music from other people. Never say never…

The first release on the label, the Only You EP, is almost here and it’s sounding great. Was the writing process any easier because you’re now writing music to please yourselves or did you find that you were stricter than normal because this has your name stamped on it from start to finish?
Dave: Actually, these tunes were the product of an experimental period where we were just finding our feet again after ‘The Mistress’. When we decided to start a label, we had to pick 4 tracks and we had a huge bunch (some of which will most likely make up the next EP). It was actually stress free entirely.
Jack: What’s nice is being able to curate — picking the tracks that we think complement each other and show the facets of our abilities, and the breadth of our taste. Thats the aim with the whole thing, really.

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Even though you’re Drum & Bass producers your previous releases have always spanned genres – will this be the case with Ish Chat?
Jack: This is a tricky topic. The tracks that we’ve written at other tempos have been some of our personal favourites from our catalogue, but they don’t always connect with the wider audience which is disheartening. I think some non-dnb stuff may venture onto Ish Chat, but probably as a small part of a bigger project; if we ever do one!
Dave: I think we’ll just carry on writing new music, and see what happens.

I suppose I have to ask why you called the label Ish Chat? Is it an homage to the track on Delay No More?
Jack: Yup. We nearly called it Memento, but thats already been done! We just wanted something memorable and that already had some meaning to people who had come into contact with our music previously.

Out of the 2 of you who chats the most ish and what’s the best studio snack to stop the ish coming out?
Jack: I probably do front a lot of Ish, but Dave tends to chat Ish when he’d not sure what he’s talking about. Snack wise, we’re really spoilt around our area. Falafel, Burgers, Pizza, killer sarnies. We rotate!

Thanks a lot lads and best of luck with the label, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Thanks for the chat! You can pre-order digital & vinyl bundles of the ‘Only You EP’ from our Bandcamp page (

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