Intelligent Manners & Command Strange – Joy (Innerground Music)

Posted by Adam on 14th March 2016

I like to think I keep pretty up to date with what’s going on in the scene in general, releases, signings etc, but this one came totally out of the blue for me.

Whilst doing the usual bits of research I do before writing about anything I was on Command Strange’s Soundcloud account (for his wicked Night Mist EP on Liquid V) and there it was; clips of an album with Intelligent Manners that I’d managed to completely miss.

So, let’s get into it then.

For the Russian based duo, who have collaborated regularly over the years for labels across the Fokuz Recordings family, this represents their debut album together which is simply called Joy.

The LP is all about the rollers but it’s far from being 15 tracks of the same thing over and over, not by a long shot. The opening track of the album is Mastermind which is a small piece of laid back, liquid perfection…

Intelligent Manners & Command Strange – Mastermind (Buy)

And then a few tracks on we get downright dirty with Mr Cool…

Intelligent Manners & Command Strange – Mr Cool(Buy)

Their use of classic breaks and good old fashioned sampling over a million layers of synths gives a great, organic feel – reminscent of old Hospital Records releases. This type of music is exactly what got me into Drum & Bass all those years ago and I genuinely listened to this album with a smile on my face. It took me back to when my love affair with DnB began.

Intelligent Manners & Command Strange – Think It Over (Buy)

This album is exquisite. Every track is on point and full of passion and every track deserves its place on this album. There’s no filler.

I sincerely hope that I was the only one to miss this coming out as I’d hate to see something so good go under people’s radar. I highly recommend you go any buy this album, I promise it’s worth every penny.

1. Mastermind
2. Love & Faith
3. Magic Moment
4. The Real Deal
5. Back to the Sky
6. Mr. Cool
7. Jumpin’ the Sun
8. Unpredictably
9. Frontline
10. Stay True
11. Think It Over
12. Uptight
13. Make Me Alive
14. Ghetto Drama
15. Early in the Morning

Command StrangeIntelligent Manners

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