Hospital Announces Hospitality In the Park, A One Day Drum & Bass Festival In London

Posted by Adam on 14th March 2016

For the past 2 years Hospitality has thrown a summer BBQ at Studio 338 in Greenwich and I can tell you first hand that they were awesome. I came home last last year proclaiming that it was the best Drum & Bass event that I had ever gone to and nothing in my mind has changed since then.

So, what do you do after you’ve thrown an 18 hour BBQ and rave? You throw your own festival of course.

Today Hospital announced that on 24th September in Finsbury Park they will be hosting their very own, 1 day Drum & Bass festival called Hospitality In the Park. How’s that for upping your game?

There’s no news on the line up yet but I have had the sneakiest of peeks and I can tell you that it will destroy any other line up this year. Combine that with the awesome food on offer and arguably the best atmosphere of any Drum & Bass event in the world and you’ve got yourself a very, very special rave.

Update 21/03: Stage 2 announced! Europe’s biggest drum & bass and dubstep event Rampage take over stage 2 at Hospitality In The Park this September! Full info >>

Update 04/04: Stage 3 will be well good…Today Hospiatlity announced that Stage 3 will be hosted by Manchester’s finest, Dub Phizix & Strategy and their Well Good Do. Check out the full announcement video, it’s ridiculous –

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