Relevant Romance: Ninja Ninja Presents #DrumAndBassOnValentines

Posted by Adam on 14th February 2016

Valentine’s Day means different things to everyone. Some people will spend the day with their loved one, some with spend it alone crying and masturbating whilst others really don’t give a shit.

Whatever your stance is on the most romantic day of the year there’s no denying it’s all a bit generic and certainly doesn’t cater for my romantic needs as a Drum & Bass lover. So, in a stroke of genius/boredom, I’ve created #DrumAndBassOnValentines which celebrates the day in a way that we can relate to…

There’s obviously a few digs in there but it’s all just a bit of fun. Tweet me your efforts to @NinjaNinja with the hashtag #DrumAndBassOnValentines and I’ll share my favourites.

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