INTERVIEW: Gradual Talk About Their New Single On Technique

Posted by Adam on 16th February 2016

Last year Gradual signed exclusively with Technique Recordings and released the massibe Ragnarok EP. Now the’re back with a new single so I grabbed them for a chat about what they’ve been up to and, of course, their new release.

Alright gents. How are you both?
Very happy and excited after everything that has turned 2015 into a great year for us. We’re straight back to work after Christmas.

What have you been up to since we last spoke?
Well, we have released Ragnarok EP, an EP with six tracks, which was our first release with the new alias “Gradual”. After Ragnarok we put one of our tracks “Psychodelicious” on the Cubic EP released via Worldwide Audio including participating artists such as Erb N Dub , Kronology, North base, MaxNGR and Infrasonik.
Now we’re back with this new single ‘Beware/Swamp’!

Aside from signing with Technique, of course, what was your highlight of 2015?
Of course our first release was very important to us. The Reaper was premièred by Friction on BBC Radio 1 and some of the other tracks were played by great artists. That was all good stuff!

Looking to the future now you’re about to release a brand new single. Tell us about Beware and how you ended up working with MC Coppa.
Simon Bassline put us in touch with Coppa, looking to make a strong and punchy track. Then we received Coppa’s vocal and wow!!! It is awesome to work with these vocals!! Started to work them with the bassline and drums we wanted, we really enjoyed making on this tune.

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Swap is a massive track too – how’s the response at gigs and from people been?
It has been very good feedback from the public and other DJs, we are happy about it, but we have not had the opportunity to play it out.

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Have you changed anything in the studio since you signed with Technique or are you now just working on perfecting your craft?
We really have not changed anything, only, now we can work together because now we live in the same city and as you say, improving the way we work together and refine the Gradual sound.

What else do you have planned for 2016? Anything you want to let us in on?
We have some outstanding collab with a great artist, new releases that we are already working on. You can listen podcasts and of course we hope to see you soon live.

Big ups! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
We are very happy with the support received from the platforms like yours, artists and the crowd, of course thanks to Technique Recordings for this opportunity to work with them and support us growing as artists.

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