Ed:it Makes His Debut As a Fully Fledged Shogun Artist With The Pathways EP

Posted by Adam on 15th February 2016

It was just last month that Nottingham based DJ & producer Ed:it announced that he’d signed exclusively with Shogun Audio and he’s already made his debut release as a fully fledged Shogun artists with a fantastic new EP called Pathways.

“Shaping the EP wasn’t something that came easy. It went through different stages & took me a while to be really happy with it. I wanted to obviously come in with a bang and show people what they can expect moving on. There were a couple of tracks that were already written which I sent to Ed beforehand we then deliberated and I wrote Pathways & Viewpoint which I think finishes the EP off nicely.”

Ed:it, who’s previously featured on labels such as Med School and C.I.A Records, is an artist that I’ve always enjoyed and this EP represents the next chapter in what has already been an interesting career. All 4 tracks on this EP are uncompromising and exquisitely composed. It seems that joining one of the biggest labels in the scene has focused his already well honed skills and taken them to the next level.

This is a partnership that I can see delivering some really, really good music.

The Pathways EP is out now and you can buy it here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/pathways-ep/id1070555415

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