Deadcode – Ratatata / Chasm (31 Recordings)

Posted by Adam on 23rd February 2016

Doc Scott’s 31 Recordings makes its 2nd outing of 2016 with a double A side single from a new, Finnish production duo called Deadcode.

Aside from their name and the fact that their from Finland there’s piss all information about this duo around so it’s down to the music to do the talking here and that is not a problem as these tunes are heavy.

Like, seriously heavy…


Ratatata is an absolute monster of a tune and backing it up is Chasm which is equally as weighty but much more stealthy in it’s delivery. How can 2 guys we’ve never heard of bust out a debut this strong? Doesn’t matter I suppose, the tunes are serious. Must bag for sure.


31 RecordingsDeadcode

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