Battery Talk About Their New Release On Metalheadz Mix This Months Podcast

Posted by Adam on 1st February 2016

We know very little about a new duo called Battery but that doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that they’re putting out some sick music right now. They’ve just made their debut on Metalheadz so I had a chat with the lads and they smashed it with this months podcast mix…

Alright gents, how are you both?
Very good thanks great start to the year releasing our debut EP for Metalheadz. A lot of work went into it’s development so it’s very rewarding to see it all come to fruition on a label that has inspired us both so much.

So we know very little about Battery, care to shed any light on the people behind the music?
We’ve both been releasing music for a long time but the Battery project is something we’ve been developing over the past couple of years

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You’ve had a few releases in the past 12 months which labels and releases have you been involved with up until now?
Our first Battery release was in March last year for Spearhead Records as part of their various artist album ‘Ten’. After that we had a track on the ‘Not Your Idol EP’ for Renegade Hardware and towards the end of the year Program signed one of our tracks for their ‘Encrypted LP’

How did you get involved with the guys at Metalheadz?
Like with all of the other releases we had been sending demo’s to the label but in this case the tracks came to Goldie’s attention by way of him hearing some of the DJ’s affiliated with the label playing the tracks. Soon after the label got in touch we sent them a selection of tracks and they picked the ones they felt made the best overall release. Both being huge fans of the label it’s obviously a big deal for us and we’re extremely happy that they picked up on the music.

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Tell us about the tracks, does this represent the Battery “sound”. There’s a raw, old school vibe to all of the tracks – is this a vibe you’re going to be pushing?
Yes that’s a big part of it. We try to recapture some of the rawness, energy and feel of that classic breakbeat sound but infuse unconventional ideas with regards to rhythm, tone and structure. We’re using both old and new approaches whilst ensuring the tracks stand up to today’s production values. The EP is a well balanced representation of the sound we have developed for the project and we’re both very happy with the overall release.

What’s your setup like? Are you using much/any outboard gear to get that authentic, beefy sound?
We use an identical integrated system of classic analogue & modern digital equipment. Working in separate studio spaces entirely remotely using a programme called Splice which allows us to collaborate on projects simultaneously with ease. Being in two different sound environments and using this approach has certainly shaped the sound giving us different perspectives and new ideas on how we write our music.

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Now the big one: Top 3 studio snacks?
When we’re in the studio we’re usually focussed on making the music. We tend to take breaks to eat and to freshen the ears. Top 3 studio drinks on the other hand would be coffee, coffee and more coffee!

Lastly you’ve been kind enough to mix our latest guest mix, what can we expect from the mix – any secret weapons being pulled out we should watch out for?
We’ve put the EP in there and some brand new unreleased material from us alongside a couple of classics and new music from other producers we are in to. We aim to put a lot of energy and dynamic into our mixes and keep the rhythms shifting throughout.

Big ups! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Just to say we’re excited for 2016 feeling inspired and a have load of new music to come. Big thanks to Metalheadz for the opportunity and hope you guys enjoy the EP and mix.

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