Insideinfo Picks His Favourite Viper Tracks

Posted by Adam on 4th January 2016

This week, on Friday 8th January (which happens to be my birthday, FYI), Viper will releases their yearly Annual LP and this year they’ve gone all out to bring you some massive tunes.

The album will feature 18 of Viper’s biggest hit singles from 2015, as well as 6 new unreleased tracks, plus Insideinfo delivers a brand new, 1 hour long mix.

Ahead of the album coming out I asked Insideinfo to pick his favurite Viper tunes so hold onto your Christmas podge because he’s picked some big ones…

Bmotion – Arabia
Love the eastern vibes of this track, bassline is amazingly thick and bouncy, B-motion is killing it!

Mob Tactics – Return of the Snitch

Funky and great sound design on the bass, These guys are on a roll at the moment.

Cyantific – No More Heroes

Such a great tune to draw for during a set, mixes great with everything and hits hard!

Prototypes – Pop It Off

No stopping the protos, this track combines everything I love and nails it perfectly. That unexpected drop gets me everytime.

Smooth – WTF

This tune is one of my fav mixing tools at the moment, I love the groove of the track and the sounds used, so much energy!

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