I Talk To Ed:it About Signing Exclusively With Shogun Audio

Posted by Adam on 19th January 2016

In the light of Shogun Audio just announcing that they have exclusively signed rising start Ed:it I grabbed the man himself to talk about his debut EP on the label and what we can expect next.

Hi Ed! Happy New Year mate, how are you doing?
Hi! Good cheers, hope you’re well & Happy New Year!

How was 2015 for you? Any personal highlights?

2015 was an awesome year. Where do I start? Played some wicked shows, met some great people, moved to London, had a string of proud releases & signed exclusive to Shogun Audio. Looking forward to 2016 now.

So you’re kicking off 2016 with some big news…you’ve signed exclusively to Shogun – congratulations! How did that come about and did have you had to keep it on the down low for a while?
Indeed, really exciting! It all came about being contacted by Ed Friction around a year or so ago. After my SGN:LTD release he asked if i’d like to work towards something more permanent. Once we had the material for an EP we had a meeting in Brighton and on the day I was offered to join exclusive to Shogun. I was amazed they’d even consider me to be apart of the team. After a long thought it felt the perfect opportunity to do something I feel like i’ve been working towards with my music. It’s been on the low down for the past 6 months so it’s a massive relief to shout it out to everyone!

Was signing exclusively to a label something you’d always wanted to do or did this opportunity come along and suck you in?
It was never planned but I do think I’ve always wanted to find a home with my music. Before it was about making tracks and sending it out to a load of different labels to see if anyone would pick them up. Now, it’s about shaping my production & music into my own sound with a great team behind me. I’m really looking forward to the change & bringing something new to the Shogun imprint.

The announcement of your signing coincides with your debut release on the label as an exclusive artist. Tell us a bit about the idea behind the EP and what we can expect from it. Was the EP written for Shogun or were these tunes part of the reason they picked you up?
For me it was slightly intimidating launching onto a label that is so established with artists and music that I admire and look up to. Shaping the EP wasn’t something that came easy. It went through different stages & took me a while to be really happy with it. I wanted to obviously come in with a bang and show people what they can expect moving on. There were a couple of tracks that were already written which i sent to Ed beforehand we then deliberated and I wrote Pathways & Viewpoint which I think finishes the EP off nicely.

One of the highlights of the EP is Night Creeper which features Linguistics. Have you worked with him before and is collaborating with vocalists something we’ll see more of now?
I’d never worked with Max Linguistics before this. I’d met him a year ago at a house party which got very drunkern, so it was good I could put a face to the name, ha. I was really impressed when i was sent the accapella. It really makes the tune.

Yes for sure, I’d like to work with more vocalists as I move forward. I have a couple MC’s & vocalists i’m in contact with at the moment so we’ll see what comes out of it.

Aside from the EP what else have you got planned for the year?
Yeah, I have one more release lined up for the Spring on C.I.A records & a few remix projects on the go too. Ulterior Motive have just done a remix of Set Theory which is forthcoming on C.I.A. Apart from that i’m working on new projects for Shogun.

Cheers Ed! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Not much, just wanted to say a huge big ups to the palace crew for all the support and everyone who’s liked my music so far. Plenty more to come!
I have a few shows coming up. You can catch me at –
5th Feb – Audio Venom – Leicester
12th Feb – Overground Sessions – High Wycombe
12th Mar – Dispatch Recordings – Tallin, Estonia

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