C.I.A Records Kick Off 2016 With Classified V2

Posted by Adam on 12th January 2016

As Total Science’s label C.I.A Records enters its 20th year they are promising big things for 2016 with a series of 20 Years Of CIA Records events as well as some exciting new music – kicking off with the 2nd installment of their Classified EPs.

Classified V1 came out in March last year and despite the gap between then and now being filled with 2 wicked EP’s from Calibre and Adred V2 has definitely felt like a long time coming.

I waxed lyrical about how good V1 was but V2 outdoes it in every way. It’s once again a various artists compilation bringing together not just names but tracks the likes of which you’re not going to see on the same release anywhere else.

Ulterior Motive deliver yet another massive remix with their re-working of Ed:it & Pennygiles’ track Set Theory, ST Files makes a welcome return with a super smooth collaboration called Wanna B 3 with Response, Total Science join forces with FD on the gorgeous Found A Reason Why and, rounding off the EP, is my frvourite track of the 4, Strange You, which comes from Villem & McLeod.

2016 is set to be an exciting year for the label and the best bit? They’re releasing vinyl again! You can pre-order yourself a copy on the CIA Bandcamp page – https://ciarecords1.bandcamp.com/album/ciaqs007-classified-v2

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