An Interview With Denial About His Debut Release On Dispatch

Posted by Adam on 6th January 2016

Hi Denial, Happy New Year! How’s tricks?
I’m just getting over the festive season, after eating myself out of house and home it’s probably time to get back in the studio and finish off an EP I’m currently working on.

For those who may not know you tell us a bit about yourself
I am a producer who likes to keep things deep and dark either in the studio or when performing in the UK or overseas I try to keep things rolling deeply. I’ve travelled a lot around Europe last year performing in some of the biggest events and nightclubs the world has to offer.

How was 2015 for you? Any personal highlights?
I started off 2015 with a gig in America, New York in January which was a great start to the year for me. I also managed to release on Formation Records, Vampire Records and even fond the time to create my own Drum & Bass label, Siren Audio which has had some fantastic releases on it from the very first one.

Looking forwards now you’re just about to make your debut on Dispatch Recordings which is huge! How did you hook up with the guys over there?
It was a real honor that Ant TC1 wanted both tracks I had been involved in making. Just like Andy Skopes, DBR UK are very good friends of mine and had previously worked together in the past featuring on a track I made called Access Denied which is what I eventually named my EP. There is talk of a DBR UK & Denial EP for 2016 so hopefully will see that drop on Dispatch Recordings too.

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Are there any parts of collaborating that you find more challenging than if you were making a tune solo?
I bounce off other producers and give my own stamp when it comes to production which I like. The banter in the studio is always fun along as the music is being made and you’re not messing around too much. I don’t find it more challenging but I do seem to be working alone a lot more these days.

What’s your studio setup like? Anything specific on the wish list for 2016?
Just me myself and my Macbook Pro along with Logix X nothing fancy, I am after a decent pair of KRK’s for the start of the year so I’ll be investing in those very soon.

So what’s the plan for the new year? Have you already got things in the pipeline?
I’m currently working on my fourth EP but keeping it somewhat diverse. A tracks will solely be me apart from one where I’ll be teaming up with pianist Sally Thorn to make something very musical and different from myself. I want to ideally keep up the momentum I started running from 2015.

Cheers mate! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
I just want to say a massive big up to Ant TC1, Alex Bassic, Andy Skopes, DBR UK & MC Blackeye for making the release on Dispatch happen. Exciting times ahead. Peace out

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