Zombie Cats – Zombots EP (Bad Taste Recordings)

Posted by Adam on 13th December 2015

2015 has been a great year for “neuro” style Drum & Bass with labels like Eatbrain & Blackout Music pushing some seriously strong tunes proving that, when done right, neuro is not to be brushed off as an annoying or outdated sub-genre (who can forget the battering Ed Rush & Optical’s Fabriclive mix got from Resident Adisor!).

The duo known as Zombie Cats have been at the forefront of this sound since they emerged last year and have gone from strength to strength with their own take on neuro.

Their new EP, which is out now on Bad Taste Recordings, is a testament to why they have become so popular as all 3 tracks are absolutely huge but manage not to be overwhelming. The production is tight and controlled which results in some seriously good tunes.

The title track Zombots, which sees them collaborate with L 33, is definitely my favourite from the EP which yu can get right now over on iTunes as well as all the usual places.

Bad Taste RecordingsL 33Zombie Cats

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