Ninja Ninja’s Top 24 Drum & Bass Tracks Of 2015

Posted by Adam on 20th December 2015

This year has been an incredible one for Drum & Bass, which is something we seem to say every year, but it feels that this sentiment has has never been more true. As it happens Fact Magazine published an article just a few days ago called Drum & bass is “still the bollocks” in 2015 so it’s not just me who’s really enjoyed what this year has given us.

We’ve seen a plethora of amazing artist albums, some of the biggest raves & live shows that Drum & Bass has ever seen, a wave of exciting new talents and labels coming through and, of course, Mistabishi has been a constant source of entertainment/face palming.

Anyway, after such an amazing year it was impossible to narrow my list of favourite tracks down to 10 or 15 so here are my 24 favourite Drum & Bass tunes from 2015…

Royalston – People On The Ground (Med School Music) Buy

Slang Banger – Fling Rock Stone (Program) Buy

Rene LaVice – Hotblooded (Ram Records) Buy

Calyx & Teebee – Long Gone (Ram Records) Buy

Krakota – In The Area (Hospital Records) Buy

Handra – Coat Of Dust (Eastcolors Remix) (Addictive Behaviour) Buy

Dub Motion – Fall To Pieces (Titan Records) Buy

SpectraSoul – Blindside (Shogun Audio) Buy

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