Ninja Ninja’s Best Drum & Bass Albums Of 2015

Posted by Adam on 27th December 2015

As I said when I picked my favourite tunes of the year there’s no question that 2015 has been an incredible year for Drum & Bass. This is reflected by the number of artist albums that have been released and just how good some of these albums have been – proving that labels are investing more time and money than ever into their artists that ever.

Here’s what I think have been the best Drum & Bass albums of the year in no particular order (but starting with my absolute favourite…)

Blue Leaves

Etherwood – Blue Leaves (Med School Music)Buy
It’s almost impossible to put into words just how much I loved this album because, for me, it’s a journey of pure emotion. Etherwood is incredibly good at literally pouring himself into his music which makes you feel like you’re not just listening to a collection of tracks; you’re listening to someone’s experiences and feelings.

Spectrasoul - The Mistress

Spectrasoul – The Mistress (Shogun Audio)Buy
Spectrasoul’s 2nd album was one that I was really looking forward to this year given how good their deubt LP, Delay No More, was and in May they delivered the goods with The Mistress. The LP was a melting pot of genres and styles whilst always obviously being a Spectrasoul album. I’ve had this on constant rotation since I got it.

Electrosoul System - Flawless

Electrosoul System – Flawless (Med School Music)Buy
This album from Electrosoul System seemingly came out of nowhere when it was released back in June as there was very little in the way of hype beforehand. However, as it turned out, the album didn’t need any hype and delivered a style of electro inspired Drum & Bass that couldn’t be touched.

Sam Binga - Wasted Days (Critical Music)

Sam Binga – Wasted Days (Critical Music)Buy
Hold tight the genre Nazi’s on this one. Sam Binga delivered his debut album this year with Wasted Days and it blew me away. Dripping with the reggae/ragga influences he’s synonymous with along side a dusting of classic breaks and bucket loads of bass this LP has still got me nodding my head.

Break – Simpler Times (Symmetry Recordings)

Break – Simpler Times (Symmetry Recordings)Buy
No words needed here really. There’s only one Break and he delivered something very special with Simpler Times.

Anile - Perspective - Med School Music

Anile – Perspective (Med School Music)Buy
Anile’s debut album ‘Perspective’ is the 3rd album from Med School on this list (what a year it’s been for them!) and was the perfect addition to this years releases. The album ranges from gorgeous rollers to straight up heavy hitters and contained some of the best tracks of the year including City Of Injustice which featured DRS on vocals and Seventh Sound.

Mark Kloud - Cessation Of Thought LP

Mark Kloud – Cessation Of Thought (Ground Mass Music)Buy
This is, by far, the album least well known album on this list but nonetheless it’s very deserving of its place here. It features some epic drum work along with beautiful, warm pads and some properly weighty bass lines. This is an album that you put on and let play all the way to the end; it’s a real journey of sound.

Enei - Rituals (Critical Music)

Enei – Rituals LP (Critical Music)Buy
The 2nd entry on this list from Critical Music and, as it happens, it’s the 2nd album from Enei which followed his hugely popular 2012 album Machines. The Russian producer took his trademark, hard edge sound to a new level with out of this world production and a couple of wicked little curve balls chucked in for good measure too.

Royalston - People On The Ground

Royalston – People On The Ground (Med School Music)Buy
Another artist releasing his 2nd album this year was Royalston with ‘People On The Ground’. The analogue specialist and sound design maestro put together one of the most unique and exciting albums of 2015 with a sound unlike any other.

Muffler - Stone Cold (Spearhead Records)

Muffler – Stone Cold (Spearhead Records)Buy
Finnish producer Muffler has been around for 15 years now and in 2015 he released some of his best music to date with his 3rd album ‘Stone Cold’. The whole thing is just liquid perfection. Don’t forget to check out his mix for out podcast too – Muffler podcast.

London Elektricity - Are We There Yet

London Elektricity – Are We There Yet? (Hospital Records)Buy
London Elektricity’s 6th studio album, Are We There Yet?, finally came out this year and it was easily one of the most anticipated albums in Drum & Bass. It turned out that it was well worth the wait though as it produced some of the best tracks of the year. Check out this article over on UKF which touches on why this album was almost never written (thank god it was!).

Artificial Intelligence - Timeline LP (Metalheadz)

Artificial Intelligence – Timeline (Metalheadz)Buy
Last, but by no means least, is Artificial Intelligence’s debut album for Metalheadz: Timeline. Their fusion of classic ‘headz vibes with rolling basslines and classic breaks gave us a seriously tough but intricate album which is all killer and no filler.

AnileArtificial IntelligenceBreakCritical MusicElectrosoul SystemEneiEtherwoodHospital RecordsLondon ElektricityMark KloudMed School MusicMetalheadzMufflerRoyalstonSam BingaShogun AudioSpearhead RecordsSpectraSoulSymmetry Recordings

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  1. Criz January 1, 2016 - 5:23 pm Reply

    Can’t believe that Virtue isn’t on there !!

    • Joe Soul Method January 4, 2016 - 11:11 pm Reply

      Thats because the album hasn’t been released yet Criz !!

      • Adam January 5, 2016 - 7:35 am Reply

        Who’s album is that?

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