London Elektricity – Are We There Yet? (Hospital Records)

Posted by Adam on 10th November 2015

The news of a new album from London Elektricity has had fans foaming at the mouth in anticipation for months and I count myself amongst the foam lipped masses. I’ve been very excited about this.

However, as the release day approached and we started to be teased with tracks from the album, I could see a daunting task ahead of me. That task was this article.

I’ve got a lot of love and respect for London Elektricity as a producer and as the head of Hospital Records and when an album of this magnitude comes out my biggest concern is will I actually be able to do it justice? Will my measly words be able to sum up and properly respect the amount of hard work that has gone into what is his 6th studio album?

I suppose I’ll only know the answer to that when I’ve shared this with you so let’s just get down to business.

I’ve been listening to the LP for a couple of weeks now and my conclusion has to be that this is easily his best work to date. Everything is classic London Elektricity but taken to a new level. It’s like that scene from ‘The Interview’ – it’s the same, but different.

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From the way the drums are structured to the emotional journey that he can take you on without even using words and the beautiful lyrics that are heartfelt and meaningful when he does, this is a class act that only London Elektricity could pull off.

Never one to shine the spotlight only on himself the album features some incredible vocalist such as Pete Simpson, his old partner in crime Liane Carrol and most prominently Emer Dineen along with some of Hospital’s own fresh faced talents Hugh Hardie and Keeno.

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Tony has said on the Hospital Podcast and in interviews that Are We There Yet? features some very personal and unique touches, such as making use of recordings he made at a very young age and a piano that he inherited from his granddad, which makes it even easier for you to feel like you’re not just listening to an album but you’re listening to a part of his life.

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So, to conclude, Are We There Yet? is as close to perfection as you’re going to get in my opinion and is a shining beacon in the already bright career of London Elektricity.

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