INTERVIEW: Smooth Talks About His New Single On Viper And What’s In Store For 2016

Posted by Adam on 26th November 2015

It’s been a very busy year indeed for Slovenian producer Smooth with gigs all over the word and a plethora of singles released so, with his 3rd single of the year just about to drop on Viper, I had a chat with him about the new tunes and what we can expect from him in 2016…

Hi Luka, how’s it going?
Very good thanks for asking. Busy in the studio,working hard and playing gigs. I am a happy man. Hope you are good too!!

How’s 2015 been for you? Has it been a busy year? Any personal highlights?
Yes it was defo a good year. I released a lot of music and also worked on a Viper Sample Pack for Prime loops. I can’t really complain :) I was also lucky enough to play a lot of good shows and meet a lot of cool people. It was defo a busy year and I hope next one is the same if not even busier! My personal highlights of the year were playing in Tokyo, it was also the first time I was there. Such an experience. I got to go tour in Australia again and played at LIR and Pirate Station. So yeah good times and busy times!

It’s certainly been a good year for releases from you – your 3rd single of the year for Viper is just about to drop – tell us about the new tunes.
Thanks yeah I have been very busy with putting out music and I really enjoy to write music more and more each year. So basically with this release I wanted to step away from the “Space themes” which I loved doing so much. I wanted to make something a bit more edgy as the title of the single says too. The main tune “WTF” was about making something fresh and different from what I usually do. And it will only develop more over the next releases. Getting out of the comfort zone. On the other hand “Revenge” is I would say more of my typical sound just with a bit of a fresher approach and funkier bass :)

What’s behind the title of the track WTF? Will people be saying that when the tune hits them in a club!?
I would certainly enjoy if that was the reaction of people when I or other DJs play it on the dance floor:) I defo felt when I found the voice sample that it represents what I was thinking of the tune when I made the drop. So yeah in any case when I write music for dance floor I am hoping it will get a good reaction when dropped on the dance floor but in this case I felt it had that WTF factor for sure :)

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Revenge is also a huge one and fits right in with Viper’s sound. Do you write tunes with Viper in mind specifically?
Thank you very much! No not really. I never put music in a bracket and try to make it fit in a Viper back catalogue. Of course I want to make the label happy no doubt about it but I have to be happy with it in the first place otherwise it would never work. Its all about common interest I think. That’s why I’m on Viper. They would never tell me what to do but in the end they do decide which tunes they will take and which not so I’m happy with that. And that is also a big reason why I love being signed to Viper.

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What’s your studio setup like? Have you got a studio that you’re happy with or is there always something else you’re after?
My studio setup is pretty simple. I have KRK Rokit 8s monitors, Focusrite Scarlett 6I6 Soundcard, Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano and a beast of a computer. With the technical specs I am really satisfied and I cannot say that at this moment I would wish for anything else. Im not really big on hardware anyway. I do wish I had better acoustics in my room tho. That is the only thing I’m not 100% happy with. But I am working on that:)

How’s 2016 looking for you? Any big plans yet?
Its looking really good. I wrote so much new music lately too so I’m exited to put it all out. And the hidden plan is that I will try to finally combine all the works and release my “Leap of Faith” album which has been long over due but as all big projects it just takes time. And since it is going to be my debut LP I want to make it as good as I can. So yeah all that I plan is just to keep on writing tunes and hopefully playing awesome gigs!

Thanks mate! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Thank you very much for having me on the interview and yeah I would just like to say thanks to everybody that has been supporting me and also big thanks to Viper recordings for putting up with me and believing in me for all these years :) It has been a great ride so far and I hope we keep on riding for years to come! :) Peace!

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