I Grabbed 5 Minutes With Akuratyde About His New EP On Blu Mar Ten Music

Posted by Adam on 11th November 2015

The ever eclectic and always brilliant Blu Mar Ten Music returns after a quite few months following the wicked Need For Mirrors single with a gorgeous EP from American producer Akuratyde.

I grabed 5 minutes with the man himself to learn a bit about the man behind Akuratyde and how he came to release an EP on Blu Mar Ten’s imprint.

Hi Dan, thanks for taking the time to talk to me!
My pleasure, thanks for having me.

Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself?
Sure. I live in Pasadena, which is right outside of Los Angeles and I’m a Graphic Designer professionally. I got into producing D&B a long time ago but stepped away from it for a while and only came back to it somewhat recently, about 2 years ago.

You’ve just released an EP on Blu Mar Ten Music – how did you hook up with them and end up releasing this EP?
I connected with BMTM through ASC, who I’ve known for a few years now. Last year he sent Chris a couple tracks on my behalf and then Chris and I started chatting and I began sending him tunes. The bulk of the EP was written between March and June of this year. I purposely didn’t send them to any other labels because I felt that BMTM was the right home for them and luckily Chris agreed, so in June we started talking about putting together a proper EP for the label.

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From what we’ve heard so far your music is very ambient and atmospheric – how would you describe your style to someone who’s never heard your music before?
I usually describe it as Ambient Drum & Bass but I think there’s a strong cinematic undertone in my music as well. A comment I often get from people is that my music would be well suited for films.

I tend to think of it more like emotional music within a D&B framework. Graphic Design is my main creative outlet but music is my emotional outlet, so every song I write is tied to whatever I was feeling at the time, whether it’s something more somber like “Embrace” or more hopeful like “Lights In My Eyes”, each one is me working through my feelings and trying to express that through sound.

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What’s your studio setup like? I can see from your EquipBoard page that you have a collection of guitars – do you record live instruments for your music?
I do, yeah. I’ve been playing guitar for a long time and used to play in a metal band so most of my guitars are left over from those days. “Embrace” and “Light in My Eyes” are actually both comprised almost entirely of guitars, though I wouldn’t expect anyone to notice since they’ve been run through loads of effects and resampled several times.

The rest of my setup is pretty basic. I have a DSI Prophet 12 that’s my main synth and then I just picked up the Roland JU-06 a few weeks ago which I’m really enjoying. Personally, I like having limitations because I find that it pushes me to get creative. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of plugins that are available to producers these days, so right now I’m pretty much limiting myself to Kontakt, my guitars, and the few pieces of hardware I have.

Are there any artists that inspire you? Is there anyone in particular whose productions you always admire?
I’m a music fanatic. I probably buy 5 new albums a week and I’m typically listening to music for most of the day so there are way too many to list.

I was listening to October Language by Belong a lot around the time that I wrote the first half of the EP, as well as Immolate Yourself by Telefon Tel Aviv. My wife and I experienced two devastating losses in the family this past year so emotionally I was drained and I found myself coming back to those two albums. I also listen to Boom Boom Satellites a lot, they’re arguably my favourite band. They released an amazing LP this year which is all about their lead singer overcoming brain cancer for the fourth time.

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Thanks Dan, is there anything else you want to tell us about?

Not really, just want to thank my lovely wife for always being supportive and a huge thank you to BMTM for believing in me enough to release this EP.

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