Calyx & Teebee – Cloud 9 / Panic Attack (Ram Records)

Posted by Adam on 10th November 2015

The build up to Calyx & Teebee’s forthcoming album 1X1 has been going on since March and you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for it but in the mean time they’ve just released the 4th lead up single Cloud 9 / Panic Attack.

When I wrote about their last single, Where We Go / Ghostwriter, I was slightly critical of the fact that the tracks sounded a bit clinical and were missing some of the charm of previous releases but I’m happy to say that this isn’t the case this time round.

Cloud 9 sees Calyx return to vocal duties with his super cool and distinct voice sitting on top of a gritty, punching bass line like a marshmallow on sledgehammer. On the flip is Panic Attack which reminds me of Calyx & Teebee from the old days. It’s rough, rugged and ripe for the dancelfoor.

The single is out right now and is available on iTunes as well as all the usual places.

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