BMotion Picks His Top Ten Winter Warmers

Posted by Adam on 16th November 2015

BMotion has been a constant source of massive tunes over the last 2 years with 2 wicked singles on Soulvent brining him to our attention back in 2014 followed by even more greatness on Viper after signing with them this year.

Now the Welsh wonder is back with a brand new single Ignition / Arabia (buy/pre-order it here) and in the spirit of the cold and damp weather I asked him to pick his top 10 winter warmers so put on your Hawaiian shorts because it’s about to get toasty…

But first get a load of this one taken from his new single…this is a beast.

BMotion’s Top Ten Winter Warmers

Netsky – Memory Lane

Still love this tune! One of the first tunes that really caught me when i first got into DnB! imagine those summer warmths!

TC – Everything For A Reason (Ivy Lab Remix)

One suited for when you’ve warmed up a little bit and you’re ready to pull a bass face on the sofa wrapped in two duvets!

Sub Focus – You Make It Better

Perfect for warming things up. Middle breakdown is the one!

Above And beyond – Thing Called Love (NU:Tone Remix)

Absolutely love the vocal section on this tune – could warm any cockles!

Break – They’re Wrong (Calibre Alternative Remix)

Lush Piano chords and Calibre combined make this tune perfect for a snowy winters day.

Get the new BMotion single right here

Calyx & Teebee – Elevate This Sound

Calyx’s voice could probably melt the polar ice caps, topped with that sub…..polar bears have no chance!

DJ Marky – Silly

When I think of DJ Marky i think of smiles and good times and warm weather! And this tune is packed full of all those things!

Matrix & Futurebound – Don’t Look Back (M&F Remix)

Lovely warm bass on this track. Perfect for keeping your tea warm.

BMotion – Need Your Love

I know it’s bad to include one of my own tracks, but whenever i play this track i always think of the boiling hot day i made it!

MRSA – Different

Great tune! Have this on Vinyl and used to love this track and still do! The chord progression oozes warmth!

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