INTERVIEW: I Speak With Pola & Bryson About Their New Remix EP On Soulvent Records

Posted by Adam on 29th November 2015

Pola & Bryson, along with their label Soulvent Records, have had one hell of a year and are rounding it off with a remix EP which features 4 of their tracks that have been given a reworking by 4 of the most exciting up and coming names in Drum & Bass right now.

I caught up with the duo for a chat about the EP and what 2016 has in store…

Jack, Harry, how are you both?
Very well thanks, busy to say the least

2015 has been a big year for you both as well as your label, Soulvent Records, any personal highlights?
Jack: Very big! We’ve been receiving a tonne of support on our tracks from the likes of Etherwood, S.P.Y, LTJ Bukem, BCee and London Elektricity as well as loads of support on the label.

Harry: As far as highlights go, probably being able to remix a track for Etherwood was one of the best highlights, or working on a track with Hugh Hardie. Soulvent has been on the up as well!

What’s the secret behind a successful production partnership? Do you each have your own duties/specialities in the studio or is it a free for all?
Jack: Probably knowing each other really well is key. The more comfortable you are with one another the less it matter when one shouts at you and gets angry haha.

Harry: But seriously, it’s definitely a very important aspect to feel comfortable with who you work with.

Jack: Harry is definitely the music theory guru, I have a decent knowledge of it but Harry is the brains behind our compositions.

Harry: Jack forte has to be the technical side of production. He also has a very good ear when it comes to mixing down tracks.

Do you run the label yourselves or are there others hard at work behind the scenes too?
Harry: We’re lucky enough to have an amazing team behind us. Jack, Liam and Joe founded Soulvent together, then brought me in and our promotion god, Tom.

Jack: Honestly we do so little towards the label nowadays, it’s mainly just A&R stuff from us. The real work comes from Liam, Tom and Joe.

We’ve touched on Soulvent slightly already but I want to get a bit more into it as the label has gone from strength to strength this year. Did you expect the label to take off as much as it did this year?
Jack: Obviously we had hoped of a big shift like we had this year, but we never imagined it would be so vast.

Harry: We’ve had loads of fun working with all the European artists that we’ve met this year, folks like Arch Origin, Dualistic, NCT, T & Sugah and Diego Torres as well as working with lots of homegrown talent like Phaction and GLXY.

Jack: I think it’s safe to say that working with all those incredible artists has been key, plus the support from our fans and our friends within the industry has been immense and we can’t begin to imagine what next year will bring.

That takes us nicely onto the next release with is a very tasty remix EP featuring remixes of 4 of your tracks – what made you want to do this and why did you pick these tracks?
Harry: It originally came about before we’d even finished the EP. We were discussing the idea of having a few producers remix one or two of the tracks if the EP did well enough, and luckily it got quite a lot of support from some big names.

Jack: Some of the tracks even got played by people like Fred V & Grafix and Etherwood on Radio 1, we knew instantly this is a project we’d love to make happen.

Also how did you pick your remixers? Did you know straight away who you wanted or did you get the parts to a selection of producers and then use the best ones?
Harry: We had various discussions and a few meetings about who we thought should remix which tracks. I think we already new that we wanted Phaction, Arch Origin and GLXY to remix a track each as we absolutely love these guys

Jack: As for the fourth person, we thought we’d go further a field and get someone who we haven’t ever had much contact with but loved there stuff. T & Sugah came to mind, and then it was all a matter of choosing which song each artist should remix.

I’m going to put you on the spot now and make you tell me which is your favourite remix and why!
Harry: For me personally I love Phactions remix, the sampling of the chords is great and I love what he’s done with the vocals, but the overall quality and the smooth vibe of the track is what makes it my favourite!

Jack: I think mine has to be a split decision between Arch Origins remix and T & Sugars. I love how minimal, yet still so heavy Arch Origin made Bad Habit, he did an incredible job. T & Sugah completely flipped Walk Away on it’s head, which was great for us to hear as we actually started working on that track almost a year before the release. It was really refreshing to hear it in a completely different light.

Harry: I’m sure it goes without saying that we love them all and everybody did an incredible job.

What can we expect in 2016 from you guys and the label?
Jack: So as previously mentioned, we’ve been working on a track with Hugh Hardie, which is finished and is due to be out next year. We also have a track on a forthcoming Liquicity album in the new year also.

Harry: Plus we have the first single from our debut album due for early next year. So busy busy busy haha.

Thanks for your time lads – is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Jack: Yeah, listen to our podcast! We just play awesome music and have a laugh, always a good listen if we do say so ourselves

Harry: You can find it on our Soundcloud,

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