Adred Talks About His Forthcoming EP On C.I.A And The DnB Scene In NYC

Posted by Adam on 22nd October 2015

New York based Adred, aka Adam Baker, is no stranger to Drum & Bass having been DJing since the age of 20 as well as running his own night called Natural Selection.

Now he makes his debut with an EP for C.I.A Records so I caught up with him to chat about the EP and Drum & Bass in the U.S.

Hi Adam, why don’t you kick off by telling us a bit about yourself for anyone not familiar with Adred.
I am from the suburbs of NYC, I have been into drum and bass for 15 years. I’ve been producing for 12 years. In addition to drum and bass I also produce a wide variety of music including techno, break beats, hip-hop and garage.

How’s the scene out in NYC? Is Drum & Bass in the US benefiting from the popularity of EDM out there?
Drum and bass is growing here. There is at least 3-4 big parties a month. The scene is definitely benefitting from the EDM culture.

You’re debut release is just around the corner and is coming out on the highly respected CIA Deepkut – how did you hook up with Total Science and CIA?
I host a party in New York City called Natural Selection and I met Paul a few months back when I booked him to play. I pitched him a tune that I wrote with my friend Lenny and he was interested in having me do an EP for him.

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What sort of vibe can people expect from the EP? Do you have a specific “sound”?
There is no particular sound for this EP. The songs go together but I did not have a direction in mind when writing them. I just wanted to write 4 good tunes.

You’ve worked with some great vocalists including T.R.A.C and Robert Manos – Did you know the guys from out there already or did you get in touch with them specifically for the tunes?
Robert and I have known each other for years. We are very good friends, in fact, he married my wife and I! As soon as Robert and I met each other we started working on tracks together.
I’ve known T.R.A.C for years as well. He hosts a lot of my Natural Selection parties and have spoken about working on a track together for a while and we finally came together on this track.

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Here’s a tricky one – Have you got a personal favourite track from the 4 and, if so, why?
This is a tricky one….. There all good in there own way. If I had to choose, I would pick Drones. I used my father’s 1975 Fender Rhodes and his Rolland Space Echo for some of the instrumentation. The sounds in this track mean a lot to me.

Thanks Adam! Is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Thanks for chatting with me! I do have a few tracks coming out on Soul:r and a techno release on 31 Records as Eastern District, which is my collaboration with Robert Manos.

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