Shogun Audio Launches Point of Origin To Showcase The Rising Stars Of Drum & Bass

Posted by Adam on 14th September 2015

Shogun Audio has always been a great launch pad for exciting and new talent – think Rockwell, Icicle & Alix Perez – and now they’re taking that expert eye for up and coming producers with a new series of releases called Point Of Origin.

There’s no mucking about here with Volume 1 of the series diving straight in at the deep end with 13 huge tracks from names that will be familiar to a lot of people, such as Need For Mirrors, Ed:it & NickBee, alongside some newer names like Coleco and Posij.

One thing that really impressed me with this is the dversity of music that’s been chosen; From Coleco’s funky track Raveworx to Posij’s massive Shieldbreaker through to Karma’s gorgeous roller Sleepless Nights there’s something for everyone.

Now, don’t be a clown, bag yourself the vinyl over on the Shogun website now while there’s some left or get your digital fix over on iTunes.

1. Ed:it – Centre Suite (Vinyl)
2. Posij – Shieldbreaker (Vinyl)
3. Karma – Saturation Point (Vinyl)
4. Need For Mirrors – Nevertheless ft. Steo
5. Voltage – Suspicious
6. Liz-E – My Heart ft Lauren Archer
7. Zero-T – One For Me (Vinyl)
8. Paul SG & Soultec – Wishful Thinking
9. Karma – Sleepless Nights
10. Simplificaton & Translate – Desire
11. Safire – Chance For Change
12. Nickbee – Elysium
13. Coleco – Raveworx

ColecoEd:itKarmaLiz-ENeed For MirrorsNickBeePaul SGPosijSafireShogun AudioSimplificationTranslateVoltageZero T

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