Sam Binga’s Wasted Days Is Finally Here And Quite Simply It’s On Another Level

Posted by Adam on 22nd September 2015

Sam Simpson has been releasing music under various aliases since 2002 but it’s his Sam Binga moniker that, since it’s first outing on Critical Music’s sister imprint Modulations in 2013, that’s by far been the most exciting.

The Bristol based bass merchant, after much anticipation, has finally released his debut album entitled Wasted Days and let’s just get this out the way right now; it’s on another level to pretty much anything else around at the minute.

The album sees him collaborate with some familiar names with the likes of Redders & Om Unit as well as some unfamiliar ones with Slick Don and the wicked Warrior Queen. Just get your ears around this.

Next. Fucking. Level.

There really is no way to categorize his genre bending style. It’s hot pot of styles and cultures brought together perfectly and sprinkled with some classic breaks to finish it all off to perfection.

This article has taken me about 5 days to write and that’s not down to how long it takes me to write a measly couple of hundred words – it’s because every time I put it on to listen to while I wrote I got caught up in the vibe and didn’t end up writing anything.

I cannot recommend this enough. Go and get yourself a copy either from the Critical website (Vinyl & CDs still left at the time of writing) or on iTunes.

As a bonus here’s the mix he did for Thump.

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